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Meet Kit Chamier, who runs True Food.  Kit understands that athlete development is a multidisciplinary approach.  A fundamental part of that is correct nutrition.  Kit is proud to call Jersey home, and has spent many years supporting some of Jersey's top athletes and teams to international success.  Kit shares with us some of his top tips for enjoying your cycling adventures and making sure you enjoy some of Jersey's food secrets. 

Insiders guide to nutrition

When its comes to preparing for a day of cycling, what are your top tips? 

Be prepared with fuel; if you’re going out for more than an hour you’ll need a decent meal before hand.  Make sure it contains lots of carbohydrate typically from vegetables, fruit, bread, pasta, or grains, along with some quality protein like meat or fish.  A great breakfast option is eggs on toast, and some porridge oats made with milk, plus fruit.  The carbohydrate is essential fuel for your muscles.  If your ride is longer than an hour then I’d advise you take some carb snacks with you; foods that digest well for you, typically banana, rice balls, date balls, flapjacks do the trick!

After a long day in the saddle, what is the best and quickest way to recover?

Refuelling is key to longevity of training.  Try to eat real food as soon as possible once finished.  Again, carbohydrate replenishment is key; vegetables, fruit, bread, pasta or grains are all great options.  Protein is also crucial as your muscles have been damaged during training and will need to repair, so a dose of protein from meat, fish, or dairy is good.  If you’re struggling for real food then a simple glass of milk or whey protein supplement can do the trick.

Local Produce

What not to miss

When it comes to top quality ingredients, what local produce would you advise visitors to try?

Our dairy tops the list; 18% higher in protein and 20% higher in calcium, than other cow's milk.  Jersey milk can be a brilliant pre and post ride drink containing carbohydrates, protein, and water.  In fact it will hydrate you faster than water alone!  Fish next, a wide variety of local fish gives you plenty of chance to get quality proteins.  Finally I can’t forget our locally grown vegetables, especially the leafy greens like kale, and our Jersey Royal potatoes.  These both hold fantastic nutrients such as vitamin C, or potassium, as well as the crucial carbs.

Where is your favourite place to grab a healthy snack or meal in Jersey?

I have lots of favourite places to eat, depending on what I need; I do enjoy a quick bite from Flavour in St. Helier, who use local and quality ingredients.  If it’s a sit down relaxed and slightly more indulgent meal, then I love Salty Dog in the old harbour of St. Aubin.

passion for food

Perfect preparation for success

What is the best part of your job when it comes to supporting athletes?

It’s obviously seeing their success.  We have some amazing local sporting events that require competitors to be at the top of their game to win.  I get a huge buzz from being a part of that.  Knowing that they have nailed their nutrition on the day of competition and come out with stunning performances is a really nice feeling.  Having been with them through the journey of training, the reward is the podiums and medals.  I must add I love seeing their home made creations of food.  I get so many meal pictures it’s amazing and a brilliant feeling inspiring someone in the kitchen.

Where is the one place you always take friends who come to visit you?

I will always try and get them on a boat to show off the dramatic north coast or Les Écréhous.  If you're lucky you will get to see some of our local dolphins along the way.  Especially in the summer its an incredible way to enjoy the fresh sea air and get back to nature. 

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