Meet Richard & Laura

An athletes perspective


As two of our most successful local riders across both road racing and mountain biking, Richard Tanguy and Laura Chellingworth live to ride.  Whether racing, training or exploring the world on two wheels, they are true ambassadors for the sport.  Here they share a few thoughts and expert tips for riders and groups looking for a great cycling experience.

What our local riders think

Richard. What made you both fall in love with cycling?

Laura and I fell in love with cycling separately, and met each other along the way.  I started cycling when I was 13, having already tried loads of other sports.  From then on I realised how free it made me feel.  Laura fell in love with the freedom too, and the opportunity to explore the outdoors, which is so exciting and adventurous.  Now it's about doing something new, like organising cyclocross events through the winter, which is a really exciting way of having fun, and seeing other riders, some of which are new to cycling doing the same. There are very few sports that are open to everyone.  Cycling is definitely one of them. 

Laura. Why do you feel Jersey is so unique?

You're never more than a few minutes ride away from spectacular scenery.  For its size, Jersey has a huge range of climbs, descents, flat roads, coast roads and country lanes.  Richard and I always mix our rides to include all of them.  It's perfect therefore for training pre-season and also getting out and enjoying Jersey's natural beauty. 

Representing Jersey on track

Laura. What was it like for you to compete in a ‘home’ Island Games?
It's safe to say that it was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.  The Island Games takes place every two years and means a huge amount to all athletes locally.  It was always a massive personal goal for me, so to have it on home ground was just incredible.  The support on the side of the roads as well as the weather was just amazing.  With both of us competing we were able to support each other in the build up to the games.  It was great to share the experience.  

Richard. Who’s in charge when it comes to planning your time off work and which parts of the island to explore?

When we ride together and manage to avoid a seismic domestic, Laura always makes me go west.  I never have a choice.  But to me it doesn't really matter as it's all so beautiful.  It doesn't matter which way you ride, you're never far from great roads and breath-taking views. 

Top tips

Richard. Where is your favourite coffee stop? 

We love to stop at a small place in St. Aubin's called DL's cafe.  It's a really nice location, a small art gallery, and they do amazing options for food and drink.  Most of the time we turn up covered in mud, and the lady is always accepting of our muddy bums.  When in St. Helier, we're usually found at Big Maggy's, a local cycling cafe and a real hub for riders alike.  It also happens to be my place of work, so I really do live and breathe cycling. 

Laura. What are your top tips for people planning a cycling trip to Jersey?

I would suggest giving yourself enough time to explore as many places as you can.  To do it properly, you need more than just an afternoon.  Head for coastal routes, every corner of the island delivers something different!  There are plenty of shops and cafes along most roads so you're never far from being able to fill up a water bottle or stuff your back pocket with goodies. 


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