Meet Sally

The Cross-Channel Swimmer

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On an island that’s only nine miles by five, the sea’s never more than ten minutes away. It gives island life a unique character and gives islanders a natural affinity for the sea. Meet Sally Minty-Gravett MBE, one of Jersey’s best known swimming coaches and seven-time cross-Channel swimmer and discover why the sea’s in her heart and soul.

When I’m in the sea, I feel at one with the world. It’s my spiritual home, and I’m so much happier in the sea than out of it. It’s a wonderful feeling - just being close to the water is enough to give you a sense of real calm and balance in life. You feel connected to the wider world and the things that are really important in life. Even in the winter it’s exhilarating, and the tingle you get after you come out is wonderful. It just does you good.

Our seawater is very clear and pure - thanks to our powerful big tides - the third largest rise and fall in the world. They clean and feed the land and create these wonderfully rich natural coastal environments. But they need to be respected too.


Rozel, Bouley Bay, Bonne Nuit, Archirondel, Ann Port, we’re very privileged in Jersey to have such a choice of beautiful beaches and bays. If the wind changes direction, you can just change bay - there’s always somewhere you can swim.

It was a great achievement to finish the double English Channel swim this year, but it’s so humbling when you can help others achieve their dreams.  It’s special to be with people that just love being in the sea. And it’s all at our fingertips. In Jersey the sea’s never more than ten minutes away. It's in my heart and my soul. I couldn't imagine being away from it.

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