Meet Vicky

Local Fish Merchant

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As islanders, the natural ebb and flow of the tide can often shape the lives of those who spend their days at the water’s edge. It’s something that rings true for Vicky who along with her brother runs a fresh fish stall that’s been part of island life for more than 25 years, connecting customers with locally caught fish and seafood straight from the boats.

When you live on an island, life by the water’s edge becomes part of your culture. So many of us locals can remember going low water fishing or mackereling, or out to check the lobster pots with our parents or grandparents. This is the Jersey I know and it’s part of us as islanders.

I’m so proud of what we’ve got here at Jersey Fresh Fish Company, it’s a showcase of Jersey through the seasons. Every day there’s something fresh from the land or sea - straight from the farmers and the fishermen to us. That’s the beauty of the island, it’s small enough so that you can come down and buy fish that’s literally the catch of the day.  We’ve got everything here, fresh vegetables, wonderful fish and meat and some of the best restaurants to enjoy it all in.

For me it’s a real privilege to pass on the taste of Jersey to locals and visitors. There’s a special atmosphere here. And when people come back, it’s not like they’re customers, they’re your friends. We work long hours, but there’s always time to head to the sea after work and finish the day cockling or walking along the beach. I love it here. Nowhere else even comes close.

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