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Jersey is an island shaped by the sea with many secret coves and glittering bays waiting to be discovered by those who choose to set sail and explore. Breathe in the fresh sea air on the deck of a charter yacht, circling the tall cliffs and sandy bays, before anchoring in a fishing harbour to meet the locals, or jump on a RIB tour to the deserted isle, Les Écréhous, where you can feel perfectly cut off from the world.

Royal China Yacht Charter

There’s something about islands that makes you want to see them from the deck of a luxury yacht. The Royal China Yacht Charter is a luxury yacht charter specialist in Jersey. Their 20-month old Princess is 52-feet long with a platform for diving into local waters. Welcome on board one of the largest, sleekest yachts available to charter in Jersey, captained by a capable qualified skipper, who'll be on hand to make your trip unforgettable. If you’re feeling adventurous, just ask them about jetskiing, waterskiing, paddle-boarding or even snorkelling. Or just clink glasses as the sun sinks slowly on the horizon… It’s your island break, after all.

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Strong Charters

A private boat charter business operating the award winning Axopar 37sc. Whether your charter is to go looking for dolphins, mooring up in one of the beautiful bays around Jersey, visiting our neighbouring Channel Islands or even a restaurant on the coast of Brittany, they’ll have you there in comfort and style.


Rib Ride with Jersey War Tours

Two of Jersey’s most incredible experiences have teamed up to come up with a unique perspective on Jersey’s history. Join Seafaris and Jersey War Tours as you explore the coastline of the island while learning about fortifications and the history of the island with a specific focus on German occupation sites and bunkers. Reach thrilling speeds on the water as you witness stunning scenery, WW2 landmarks and enjoy excitingly wildlife such as dolphins and seals


Jersey Seafaris

Rich, Stef and the Seafaris team charter RIB boat trips around Jersey, Les Écréhous, Les Minquiers and France. Blast around the stunning island waters for dolphin and seal spotting, departing from St. Catherine’s Breakwater. Hop over to France for lunch or dinner or carve through Jersey's north coast on a RIB Experience visiting the spectacular caves and cliffs of Jersey. Whether you're craving vitamin sea, wildlife or an adrenaline fix, there's a Seafari for you. If you have a larger group, or want a more private experience, just speak to Rich & Stef about arranging a charter. 

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