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Jersey is one island with so many stories. Take a dramatic low tide walk on the seabed to discover an incredible story brought to life with fresh oysters and champagne, or take a thrilling RIB trip to a deserted island for a beach picnic with a difference. All you have to do is bring along the perfect person to share it with.

Champagne & oysters with the Oyster Farmer's wife

Meet Shannon Le Selleur, 'The oyster farmer's wife'. There's nothing ordinary about her day job with crystal clear views over one of the most incredible tidal landscapes in the world.  Tour Seymour Oyster Beds in the crystal clear waters of Grouville Bay and discover an incredible story brought to life with fresh oysters and champagne. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

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Seafood Seafari

If you’re craving an epic island adventure, Seafaris have got you covered this year. From the people that brought you thrilling RIB trips to deserted isles and secret bays, this year they are teaming up with Jersey’s best restaurants, storytellers and wildlife experts to bring you a series of Seafaris Specials. The first of these will drop in April with a ‘Royal Seafood Seafari’ - escape to a deserted island for a seafood seafari, where Suma’s restaurant will roll out a picnic blanket of local flavours with Love Wine aficionados pairing the tipples. Follow Seafaris for more incredible experiences coming soon on an island near you…



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Contemporary Art Trail

The island break is a rich canvas for the many street artists who are proud to call it their home. Follow this self-guided stroll around St. Helier’s mural art trail to find colourful pieces splashed on urban corners. Each piece tells a bigger story of island creativity….

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