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Vind de perfecte plaats om te ontspannen.

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History & heritage

Jersey Heritage

We are Jersey Heritage, our charity is dedicated to protecting Jersey’s unique culture and heritage.

  • Free entry

More Information

We are Jersey Heritage and we’re here to share our island’s fascinating stories and places. We’re here to care for our unique history. We’re here to help you find your place in the story. And we’re here to make sure that these stories keep getting told.

We hold collections of artefacts, works of art, documents, specimens and information relating to Jersey's history, culture and environment. These collections define the island, hold the evidence for its historical development and act as the community's memory.

We look after the following visitor sites; Jersey Museum, Maritime Museum, Mont Orgueil Castle, Elizabeth Castle, La Hougue Bie and Hamptonne. We also manage Jersey Archive.

Opening Information

We are open all year round.

maandag: 10:00 - 17:00
dinsdag: 10:00 - 17:00
woensdag: 10:00 - 17:00
donderdag: 10:00 - 17:00
vrijdag: 10:00 - 17:00
zaterdag: closed
zondag: closed
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Jersey Heritage
Jersey Museum, The Weighbridge
St. Helier

Offers and events

Group doing yoga outside

Mindful Monday – Full moon retreat

Join the Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark for at L'Étacquerel Fort for a season of Mindful Mondays focussing on yoga and breathing to connect the mind and body to this tranquil historic site set on a cliff-top overlooking the sea.

from £41.88
Booking needed

Jul 03 2023

Summer Night Sessions at Mont Orgueil Castle

Come for a ‘Summer Night Session’ experience and witness Mont Orgueil Castle in a completely different light!

from £15
Free for children Booking needed

Jun 15 2023 Aug 10 2023

Summer of Fun

Join Jersey Heritage throughout the summer holidays for a programme of creative, inspiring activities across Jersey Heritage castles and museums.

from £7.40

Jul 24 2023 Aug 25 2023

group listen to talk from volunteer by statue

Mont Orgueil Castle Tour

Want to find out more about the Castle's history? Take a free tour with one of our volunteer guides.

from £10

Jun 03 2023 Dec 31 2023

Hamptonne couple listen to a guide in farmyard

Hamptonne Country House Museum Tour

Want to find out more about Hamptonne's history? Take a free tour with one of our volunteer guides

from £7.40

Jun 04 2023 Dec 31 2023

Meet the Regimental Surgeon

Meet Lieutenant Robert Bloodsworth, the Regimental Surgeon's mate of the 95th Regiment of Foot. Could you pass the medical for an 18th century soldier? Join us to see if you have what it takes!

from £9.45

Jun 06 2023 Sep 26 2023

Victorian Photographer Experience

Renowned Victorian Photographer CR Kennedy and his good lady wife invite you to the Victorian House at Jersey Museum to sit for a studio photograph. Come in your own Victorian attire, or select an outfit from our wardrobe, and leave with a unique souvenir Carte-de-Visite portrait photograph.

from £7.85

Jun 19 2023 Jul 11 2023

1781 Jersey Militia

Prepare yourself for the dramatic return of the 1781 Jersey Militia to Elizabeth Castle. They will transport you back to the colourful life of the Castle in 18th century Jersey. Be entertained by the loud bangs of cannon and musket, and catch an authentic glimpse of the day to day life of a soldier and his family.

from £9.45

Jun 25 2023 Sep 17 2023

King Charles II

Meet the 'Merry Monarch' for a tour of his Castle and he'll tell you some fascinating stories of his time in Jersey.

from £9.45

Jun 05 2023 Sep 28 2023

Medieval Companie of the Duke’s Leopards

A vivid window into Medieval life at a Medieval castle! Venture into the 14th century at Mont Orgueil Castle, with the Medieval Companie of the Duke's Leopards. Meet ladies, servants and soldiers who will demonstrate skills including wool spinning, knitting, weaving and leather work.

from £10

Jun 18 2023 Sep 24 2023

Meet the Storyteller at Mont Orgueil Castle

Meet our Castle storyteller, Roger, who can answer all your Jersey questions. Ask him almost anything about the Castle and he will give you all the answers in his own humorous style. Our storyteller Roger is described by TripAdvisor as a living, breathing, walking encyclopaedia of knowledge.

from £10

Jun 07 2023 Sep 27 2023

Tudor Falconer at Mont Orgueil Castle

Meet Jean Simon, the Castle Falconer and his hawk Sovereign. Discover how Jean trains his birds of prey and watch him perform the fascinating skills of falconry, which were important in Tudor life. Learn of a 'hoodwinked' or 'haggard' bird and who is a 'cadger' or a 'boozer'. You'll find Jean and Sovereign awaiting your presence in the Middle Ward.

from £10

Jun 04 2023 Sep 26 2023

Sir Walter Raleigh at Mont Orgueil Castle

Meet Sir Walter at the Castle as he recounts his adventures at sea as the most famous explorer of the Elizabethan Age.

from £10

Jun 06 2023 Oct 31 2023

Bonnet and Quilt Maker

Set against the backdrop of the late 19th century farm workers' cottage, meet Astra, who will introduce the Jersey bonnet, its history and show you how it is constructed. Astra will also talk on various aspects of patchwork and quilting.

from £7.40

Jun 09 2023 Sep 29 2023

Wool Spinners at Hamptonne

Watch the ladies of Hamptonne use the Jersey spindle wheel to create local textile crafts.

from £7.40

Jun 04 2023 Oct 31 2023

Bouonnefemme at Hamptonne

Meet Rose Le Brun, the Bouonnefemme at Hamptonne, who will let you in on local secrets and village gossip. Rose’s predecessor, Old Maud, had been at Hamptonne for years, but she travelled to St Aubin to see family and never returned. Perhaps the plague got her - they had a lot of it down there.

from £7.40

Jun 03 2023 Oct 31 2023

Laurens Hamptonne

Take a step back in time to find out first-hand about Laurens Hamptonne's extraordinary life. In 1621, when he was just 21 years old, he was appointed Viscount of Jersey. After the English Civil War he was awarded special privileges by King Charles Sercon, before becoming a Jurat in 1651. Come and meet Laurens at Hamptonne on Tuesdays across 2023.

from £7.40

Jun 13 2023 Sep 19 2023

Elizabeth Castle Living History Gunner fires shot

Castle Gunner at Elizabeth Castle

Stand to attention for the Midday Parade and prepare yourself for the resounding bang of the signal gun.

from £9.45

Jun 03 2023 Oct 31 2023

Searching for Jersey’s Celts

In 2012, the world's largest Celtic hoard was discovered buried in a field in Jersey. This exhibition explores what might have led people to bury a hoard of 70,000 coins and jewellery in Jersey, 2000 years ago and looks closely at some of the items found within the hoard.

from £7.40

Jun 03 2023 Dec 31 2023

1781: The Battle of Jersey

This display considers the monumental events of January 1781, when a French invasion force landed in Jersey, through John Singleton Copley's painting - 'The Death of Major Peirson' - and artefacts in the Jersey Heritage Collection.

from £7.85

Jun 03 2023 Dec 31 2023

Discover Crafty Christmas on Discovery Day

Discover the island's best stories with some creative family fun! Our Discovery Day events bring the best of storytelling, arts and crafts, trails and dressing up. Kick off your Christmas with a visit to the Jersey Museum.

from £7.85

Dec 10 2023

Apple harvest

Discover Jersey’s Fabulous Food on Discovery Day

Discover the island's best stories with some creative family fun! Our Discovery Day events bring the best of storytelling, arts and crafts, trails and dressing up.

from £7.85

Oct 21 2023

La Hougue Bie Family group with volunteer learn ancient crafts

Discover Archaeology on Discovery Day

Discover the island's best stories with some creative family fun! Our Discovery Day events bring the best of storytelling, arts and crafts, trails and dressing up. Come and discover what treasures have been found in Jersey over the years.

from £7.40

Jun 25 2023

Discover Beaches Discovery Day

Discover the island's best stories with some creative family fun! Our Discovery Day events bring the best of storytelling, arts and crafts, trails and dressing up. Come to Le Hocq for our first Discovery Day in partnership with Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark! Find out how Jersey’s landscape changes with the ebb and flow of the tide.

Free entry

Sep 02 2023

Bumble bee in flower

Wild Jersey – Land, Sea and Air

Jersey Heritage welcome a new exhibition to a brand new building at Hamptonne Country Life Museum, where you will be exploring biodiversity and wildlife through the art of photography.

from £7.40

Jun 03 2023 Dec 31 2023

Trade Roots

Thought-provoking, and at times challenging, this exhibition exposes some uncomfortable new stories from Jersey’s past and examines the legacy and impact of transatlantic slavery on the island’s community today.

from £7.85
Free for children

Jun 03 2023 Dec 31 2023

Jersey Festival of Words

This literary event promotes a love of the written and spoken word across our community in a variety of styles and settings, as well as welcoming internationally-renowned authors to our beautiful island.

Booking needed

Sep 15 2023 Sep 23 2023