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Get a flavour of Jersey in autumn. As a small island famous for its food, Jersey’s bursting with flavour from abundant local produce and rich
creamy milk to seafood straight from the island’s clear waters. From beach cafes to chic restaurants, farm stalls to village delis, Jersey is packed
with amazing eating experiences to add an authentic local flavour to your stay. Just bring a healthy appetite.



In Jersey it’s all about provenance, and with produce grown in the island, and fresh fish and seafood caught on the tide, you can count our food miles on one hand. Here’s why Paul Dufty feels the island is a special destination for food, and why he’s chosen to make it his home.

Paul's story

Plan your island time

From local farmer's markets to European food festivals, Jersey’s diverse culture means there is always something new to experience. Why not plan your visit around one of the island's annual events or festivals? Find out what's happening while you're here, come and experience something new or just relax and soak up the island atmosphere, it's up to you.


Notes from the chef

Autumn is a special time of the year in Jersey for local produce. The freshest catches and the harvest all happen in the autumn months, find out what our island chefs look forward to the most.


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