The Royal Fluke

Little luck. Big blessing.

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Have you ever tasted our little island’s potato delicacy? Let us sew the seed of the story about how our famed potato came to be, and share some pearls of wisdom for you to savour. Bon Appetit! 

Discover the best way to enjoy our pearls

Fill your boots with the best seasonal spuds. Spring has sprung and with it our home-grown beauties are springing out of the ground. For a genuine taste sensation try one of our recipes and experience a taste of Jersey in your own home, just like a local. So, saucepans at the ready and get cooking with these spudectacular recipes.  

Eat like a local

Raise a glass to Hugh De La Haye

Our little island is home to not one, but two Jersey vodkas. Both borne out of a love for our scrumptious seasonal beauties, they’re just the tipples to warm the cockles of your heart. Whet your whistle with the Jersey Distillery Company’s artisan vodka ‘Fluke’ or La Mare’s craft, ‘Royal Vodka’. The best bit? They’re both made exclusively with our local potatoes.     

Our suggestion is to serve both with a locally grown garnish.  


Drink Like A Local. Cheers. 

Feed your inquisitive nature

I spy with my little eye...  

Our lanes are full of little surprises... Did you know that in Jersey we have our very own hedge veg? Stalls that are always just around the corner. The stalls are keeping locals stocked with delicious locally grown produce and will be waiting to be discovered when you can join us again.  

Explore our little lanes

Are you craving a little taste of Jersey?

We have great news for you! We’ve teamed up with Will Holland, Executive Chef at the Atlantic Hotel to bring you a taste of Jersey in your own home with Jersey Royal potatoes. These little beauties can be found in shops in the UK and are the perfect ingredient to infuse a little bit of the island break into your cooking. 

Cook along

Too good not to share.

Have we sown a seed of inspiration?

If you're hungry for more, we'll serve up the best our island has to offer.