Sean Conway

48 Hours in Jersey

After selling his life for a Jersey £1 in 2011, Sean Conway vowed from that day on to fill his days with experiences rather than things. Best known for being the first person to cycle, swim and run the length of Great Britain, the extreme adventurer took on Jersey.  Over 48 hours Sean tackled as many on-island adventure and outdoors activities as possible.

Find your beard

BEARD [beerd] - Verb: to boldly confront or challenge.

With 24 beaches and 300 miles of walking trails, Jersey is the perfect place to experience the freedom and beauty of the great outdoors. Sean completed an ocean swim, SUP, sea kayaking, trail running, coasteering, foraging, rock climbing, hiking and cycling and met some of Jersey's friendly locals along the way, in the challenge to 'find his beard' on the island break. From Eleanor, the rock climber girl, to Kazz, the foraging and adventure enthusiast and Sally, the cross-channel sea swimmer. 

Meet our locals
An island of rediscovery

It's amazing what you can do in 48 hours

Sean Conway is an endurance adventure seeker, both on holiday and in his day-to-day life he looks for ways to add a little adrenalin. Jersey is island of rediscovery, packed with activities to experience and explore. It’s easy to find spaces to seek adventure and come up for air– from the gorse-clad coastlines and grassy sand dunes to sweeping bays that change shape as the tide rises. Sean's already planning his next island break escape. 

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Find your adventure holiday in Jersey

Pulse-racing experiences to add to your escape

A natural playground for adrenaline-seekers where you can choose to do so much, or so little, Jersey suits the adventurous. With a range of activities in close proximity, you can practise your skills or learn new ones and still be back in time for lunch.

The adventure is waiting

Find your freedom.

Find out why Keith, our surfing grandpa, feels there’s a connection you get with the ocean here, and why Lottie, the foodie firefighter, believes Jersey is a food lover’s dream.
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