South coast Jersey walks

15 Self-guided walks


Surfing beaches, sandy bays and the 'Tracks of Steam'. You’re never far from the sea on our beautiful little island. And the best way to get up close and personal to our sandy southern coastal scenery is on foot, enjoy sheltered south-coast bays and coastal heathlands. 

15 South coast Jersey walks

A harbour stroll

Distance: 2 miles / 3.2 km
Grade: Easy
Start & finish point: Liberation Square, St. Helier
Pit stop: Henley’s, Liberation Place
Getting there: Centrally located in St. Helier 

This Harbour Stroll gives you the chance to explore St. Helier’s harbours, and see first-hand some of the historical locations that have shaped our harbours both old and new. You can see how the reclaimed land has been put to use with the construction of the new marina as well as the development of hotels, restaurants and shops. During this walk enjoy fantastic views of Fort Regent, Elizabeth Castle and the Victorian swimming pool, operated as Jersey's Marina lake in the summer months. 

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St Aubin's to Noirmont 

Distance: 1.6 miles / 2.5 km
Grade: Moderate/Difficult
Start point: St. Aubin's Parish Hall
Finish point: Noirmont Point
Pit stop: The Old Court House, St Aubin
Getting there: Bus 12, 14, 15

St Aubin’s Parish hall sits proudly next to the old harbour of St Aubin. With its views across to the finance centre, the old harbour contain a mixture of shops, restaurants and bars. The route takes you along the harbour front and up Ghost Hill. This is a very steep hill which is not for the faint hearted, but definitely worth the effort. Once the road flattens out you will make your way along the headland to Noirmont Point, with arguably some of the best coastal views on the island. And if you get your timing right there may be an ice cream waiting for you at the finish line. A return bus is available from The Old Portelet Inn.

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Mount Bingham Views

Distance: 2.5 miles / 4 km
Grade: Easy
Start & finish point: Mount Bingham, St. Helier
Pit stop: The Lido, Havre de Pas
Getting there: Bus 1

This gentle walk has magnificent views from the heights above St. Helier harbour, and the sheltered old-world charm of a Victorian holiday village. The views from Mount Bingham enable you to see the harbour below in all its beauty and across the bay to Noirmont Point. Ensure you drop down to Havre de Pas and visit the Victorian Lido for a scenic and refreshing dip.

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St Lawrence Parish Walk

Distance: 8 miles / 13 km
Grade: Moderate - Hard
Start & finish point: St. Lawrence Parish Church
Pit stop: Saint Laurent Pub
Getting there: Bus 7

St. Lawrence parish is blessed with some of the island’s most beautiful country lanes and unspoilt valleys. The route will take about 3.5 hours at a determined pace and does include some steep sections, so suitable footwear is a must. With the parish church as both the start and finishing point, this circular walk intersects both the Hamptonne Museum and Jersey War tunnels - two of Jersey’s most popular attractions.

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Les Sentier des Moulins

Distance: 2 miles / 3.2 km
Grade: Easy
Start point: Handois Reservoir
Finish point: Carpark at La Ruelle St. Claire
Pit stop: N/A
Getting there: Bus 7a

Travel down Le Sentier des Moulins (The Mill Trail) which was constructed by volunteers of St. Lawrence to commemorate the Millennium. This easy two-mile route begins at Handois Reservoir and makes its way down both sides of Waterworks Valley. Many water mills have been recorded in the island, several of which operated in this valley. Open your eyes to the history around you and discover structures that were once used for milling corn, fulling cloth, crushing sugar, making paper and grinding malt for beer.

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The Heart of St. Lawrence

Distance: 5.4 miles / 8.6 km
Grade: Hard
Start point: Bel Royal, St. Aubin’s Bay
Finish point: Bel Royal, St. Aubin’s Bay
Pit stop: Jersey War Tunnels, Greenhills Country House Hotel
Getting there: Bus 8, 9, 12, 14, 15, 22, 28

An exploration of the heart of St. Lawrence. This walk begins on the southern tip of the parish where it meets St. Aubin’s Bay and ascends a steep climb up Mont Cambria. Take a moment to admire the special views of Elizabeth castle and the old harbour of St. Aubin. After reaching the top you will drop back down into St. Peter Valley towards the Jersey War Tunnels. Nestle in the Greenhills Hotel for a well deserved break on your way home.

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Noirmont point to Jersey Lavender 

Distance: 2.6 miles / 4.2 km
Grade: Moderate/Difficult
Start point: Noirmont Point
Finish point: Jersey Lavender (open 12 - 25 September) 
Pit stop: The Old Court House, St Aubin
Getting there: Bus 12

Starting at Noirmont Point, work your way west across Portelet Common before dropping down the steep steps into Ouaisne Bay, with Ouaisne Common, one of the Island’s richest and most diverse nature reserves waiting to be explored. As you make your way over into St Brelade's Bay, why not stop off for a drink or bite to eat at one of the many eateries located along the promenade, before heading up the steep Mont Gras d’Eau? Nine acres of stunning swathes of lavender await you at Jersey Lavender. Don’t forget the The Distillery tour and Discovery Nature Trail - a fun trail around the farm with some questions to answer. Great for kids and adults.

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Jersey War Tunnels to Rondel's Farm Shop 

Distance: 5 Miles/ 8km
Grade: Hard
Start point: Jersey War Tunnels
Finish point: Millbrook Park
Pit stop: Rondel's Farm Shop
Getting there: Bus 8, 28

This walk is one of the best ways to explore the heart of the island. Start at the Jersey War Tunnels, you will wind your way up and down steep hills as you cross the spine of the island. Passing the Centre Stone in the process. Rondel's Farm shop marks the half way point so pop in and see what local produce tickles your taste buds. From there you will drop back down into Waterworks Valley to finish in Millbrook Park. If the weather is in your favour, this is the perfect place to relax and unwind. A bus is available from Millbrook Park.   

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Liberation Walk

Distance: 2.8 miles / 12.8 km
Grade: Hard
Start point: Liberation Square
Finish point: La Fregate, St. Helier
Pit stop: La Fregate, St. Helier
Getting there: Start point next to the main bus station, St. Helier

Journey to the Centre Stone of the island and back again via two of the most sheltered valleys on the island. This circular walk begins in St. Helier via Vallée des Vaux and Waterworks Valley. Take in the glorious Jersey countryside, before returning to the bustling town centre with a stroll along the Esplanade.

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St Helier to St Aubin

Distance: 3.2 miles / 5.1 km
Grade: Easy
Start point: Liberation Square
Finish point: St. Aubin’s Harbour
Pit stop: The Old Station Café, St. Aubin’s Bay
Getting there: Start point next to the main bus station, St. Helier

This popular walk is always full of life. Cyclist, runners and time passers flock to this seaside promenade which runs along the sea wall with beautiful views of Elizabeth Castle and St. Aubin’s Bay. This is the perfect way to burn off breakfast/ build up an appetite for lunch, especially for fitness enthusiasts as the ‘Trim Trail’ (a series of exercise spots) is integrated into the route. Finish at St. Aubin’s pretty harbour with many delicious eating spots for a leisurely meal with sea views.

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Les Jardins de la Mer

Distance: 4.7 miles / 7.5 km
Grade: Moderate
Start point: Les Jardins de la Mer
Finish point: Les Jardins de la Mer
Pit stop: La Fregate Café
Getting there: 5 minute walk from the main Bus Station, St. Helier

A sheltered shorter version of the Liberation Walk which is perfect for a crisp Autumn day, the Les Jardins de la Mer loop begins at the well loved Waterfront area of St. Helier. Start heading west alongside the pedestrian path towards First Tower, and follow the route inland climbing above the town. You will run parallel with Le Mont Cochon, heading down twisting lanes and through the sheltered valley of Vallée des Vaux. Continue to return to your starting point at the Waterfront.

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A Southern Loop

Distance: 14.5 miles / 23.2 km
Grade: Hard
Start point: Anywhere along the route
Finish point: Anywhere along the route
Pit stop: Gunsite Café, Eric Young Orchid Foundation, Jersey Museum
Getting there: N/A

Take this circular loop walk to discover the southern section of the island and towards the north. Start anywhere along the trail, and make your way along country lanes running through the parish of St. Lawrence towards Trinity. Continue on the beautiful walk from Victoria Village down Grand Vaux back into the hub of St. Helier.

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Fort Regent Discovery

Distance: Approximately 1.5 hours
Grade: Easy
Start point: Fort Regent
Finish point: Fort Regent
Pit stop: The View café, Fort Regent
Getting there: 5 minute walk from central bus station

Discovery Fort Regent with a self-guided tour. The fortress, nestled above the town of St. Helier was originally built as a Napoleonic fortress but has since been transformed into a modern venue for tourist and local visitors as the largest sports and leisure centre in the island. Learn about the interesting past of the fort during the Occupation and finish the walk with a drink in The View Bar.

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Demi Southern Loop

Distance: 12 miles / 19 km
Grade: Hard
Start point: Anywhere along the route
Finish point: Anywhere along the route
Pit stop: Gunsite Café, La Fregate Café
Getting there: N/A

This is a shorter version of the full southern loop that explores the south coast of St. Aubin, the heart of St. Lawrence and the outskirts of St. Helier. With a few steep climbs make sure you are well fuelled for your adventure. The Gunsite Café is the perfect place to relax and re-energise with sea views and a beach to enjoy.

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Town Heritage Walk

Distance: 1.5 miles / 2.4km
Grade: Easy
Start point: First Tower
Finish point: Elizabeth Castle
Pit stop: La Fregate Café
Getting there: Bus 8, 12, 12a, 15

First tower marks the start of this short and easy Heritage walk, which then heads towards town following the sea wall along the route of the old railway line. The final stages of the walk include beautiful sea views and the iconic Jersey heritage site Elizabeth Castle, built on a rocky islet in St. Aubin’s Bay. This castle has some history – it has watched over Jersey’s main gateway for more than 300 years. Take a walk out along the causeway to the castle at low tide or take the amphibious ‘Duck ferry’.

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