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La Belle Hougue Caves

Sight / landmark | Beaches & bays

La Belle Hougue Caves

Over 100 years ago, the first sea cave at La Belle Hougue Point on the northeast coast of the Island was discovered when a student’s hat blew off in the wind into a fissure in the cliffs! The contents of the cave tells us about sea level changes and life in the island 125,000 years ago.

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Warning: please do not visit this Geosite without an experienced guide!

In 1914, raised beach deposits were discovered in the cave that contained marine shells, antler, teeth and bone of the now extinct Jersey dwarf red deer. The shells tell us that the temperature was warmer than it is today. In 1965, a second cave was discovered nearby containing similar finds.

Extreme cold wiped out many animals across northwest Europe 180,000 years ago. Temperature and sea level then rose very quickly around 125,000 years ago, cutting off Jersey and creating an island. Although some animals reached Jersey, there is no clear evidence that Neanderthals did.

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