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La Folle d’Avoût: The Corn Riots Festival

The Corn Riots Harvest Festival, also known as La Folle d’Avoût which takes place 30 September – 01 October marks the anniversary of The Corn Riots – a meaningful time in Jersey’s history when local people came together to make a change about the way that Jersey was ruled.

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More Information

The festival will see performers, musicians and more bringing Royal Square to life, celebrating Jersey's culture and history.

30 September:

12:00 | ​Youth bands
​13:45 | ​A Little Bit of Jazz
​14.45 | ​Children’s Jèrriais Choir and Les Chaboleurs Dancers
​15:15 | ​Badlabecques
​16:30 | ​Rick Jones
​17:00 | ​Sula
​18:15 | ​Pam Bindi
​19:45 | ​Jersey Pop Group
​20:45 | ​The Fado Singers
​21:30 | ​The Jersey Bounce

01 October:

12:00 | ​The Reasons
​12.45 | ​Musical Riot Play Along
​13:30 | ​The Word on the Street
​14:15 | ​Caesarean Ceilidh Band
​15:45 | ​Benny the Moth
​17:00 | ​88 BunkFace
​18:00 | ​The Beantles
​19:30 | ​Intermission
​21:00 | ​L is M band

Opening Information

We are open:
September, October

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Royal Square
St. Helier