Jersey may be a small island, but you’ll discover that we punch above our weight when it comes to amazing places to eat. Find a hidden gem overlooking the twinkling marina of St. Aubin’s village, or indulge in freshly caught seafood at one of our award-winning restaurants. Jersey is packed with amazing eateries, so pull up a chair and tuck into a taste of the island break.

Find your island flavour at these tempting places to eat.

A plate of beautifully presented food at Bohemia restaurant

Award winning restaurants.

Jersey is brimming with delectable dining experiences and many celebrated chefs have made the island their home, so if you want to sample a taste of the top tier, you’re in luck.

Here are our top picks for a mouth-watering Jersey break.

Fill your plate

Family friendly restaurants to feed your tribe.

A table full of food taken from above

Foodie holidays.

Get a taste for island life on a fantastic foodie break in Jersey. Discover the best things to see and do if your enjoy taking a big bite out of your holidays.

Fill your plate