Ready to up the pace? From abseiling down the walls of a medieval castle, to high-speed RIB trips, and zip-lining through the trees, get your kicks in the island break and discover epic exploits that will satisfy even the most seasoned of adventurers. Test your nerve with coasteering, feel the wind in your sail with blokarting, or hit the waves on a kayaking master class.

Find tours and activities to get your pulse racing.

The island’s landscape is a natural playground for water, land and wind-based fun. Discover what you’re made of in Jersey’s great outdoors.

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On land.

Blow the cobwebs away.

Take a breath of fresh sea air and throw yourself into adventure in Jersey’s stunning natural landscapes. You’ll find local experts keen to take you on the ride of your life whether it’s in wooded valleys or on vast beaches – meet the people who can take you on land based active and adrenaline activities and tours.

Coasteering - cliff jumping

On water.

Make a splash.

Paddle, dive, swim or leap… however you prefer to experience the sea, find an adventure to make you feel truly alive. Jersey’s coast is a natural playground full of opportunities for fun filled days on the water. Explore all the ways to get an adrenaline kick on the island’s coast.