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Short on time but big on ideas? Jersey is an island break full of memories to make for couples, families and solo wanderers. Small in square miles but big in places to go and things to see, Jersey’s close proximity to everything makes it easy to fit plenty into a weekend break. Whether you’re flying around the coastline on two wheels, tackling bright and breezy walks along Jersey’s pristine beaches and bays, or wandering through a colourful Victorian market bursting with local flavour.

In Jersey, everything’s within easy reach, leaving you free to do so much this winter… or so little.

Walking Adventures

Discover life at low tide

Enter a hidden world where the ocean disappears to the horizon and we are all visitors. Your romantic adventure starts here. 

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Old town, new vibe

Jersey’s newly restored old town block is where you’ll find Locke’s Coffee & Grub where you can relax, meet, or just hang out as a couple. 

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Mont Orgueil Castle

Uncover the past

Explore the network of staircases and secret rooms to discover hidden treasures and breathtaking views. Discover secret artwork commissioned to tell the story of the castle that protected Jersey against the French invasion over 600 years ago. Discover the past in a Jersey weekend break. 

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Win a winter weekend expedition with everything taken care of. Just pack a thirst for adventure. 

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