Why being by the sea is good for you

Boost your inner wellbeing with time spent by the water’s edge


Being near to the sea is a ritual for many of us, a tradition that begins with family holidays and long weekends with friends. Close your eyes, and you’ll probably be able to conjure up the sound of the waves and the feel of the sand under your feet at your favourite beach. That’s why when we reach the sea, with its fresh salty air, it feels so familiar.


We feel relaxed, restored and at home, and it’s not just a feeling - studies have shown the positive effect of being close to the water naturally settles our minds and puts us in a more productive and calm state. It all makes perfect sense on an island where you’re never more than ten minutes’ from the sea. So how do you want to feel?

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Standing by the sea with nothing but water between you and the horizon, it’s as if the spirit of the sea washes over you like a wave, clearing the head and awakening the senses. And as the clear waters of Jersey invite us in, whether it’s to dive or just dip your toes, the sight, sound and feel of the sea is a natural invigorator. It hits a restart button and clears the mind. Feel the fresh southwesterly winds at spots like Corbière or St. Ouen’s Bay and awaken the senses with a breezy beach walk.

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Healing from the outside, salt water makes wounds disappear and scars fade. The sea’s cool tides heal us on the inside as well, a remedy for both body and soul. Jersey’s clear waters and gently sloping sandy and pebble beaches offer us an opportunity to be at one with the sea, soothing joints and relaxing muscles. For an easy access swim, try the calm and clear waters of Archirondel on Jersey’s northeast coast, where a pebble beach hugs a half-moon bay edged with a historic tower.

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Offering serenity and solitude, the sea air and uninterrupted horizon views of Jersey’s coastline are a haven. An escape from the rush of everyday life, where the freshness of the air and the natural ebb and flow of the island’s powerful tides slow life to a more gentle pace. Land at Jersey’s airport and you can be strolling along the seafront promenade at St. Brelade’s Bay in just a few minutes, finding a waterside spot for dinner and relaxing to the sounds of the waves roll in as the sun sets over the sea.

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Never more than 10 minutes from the sea

With miles of beaches and bays to explore, help us find you the perfect Jersey sea view.
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