Calling all winter warriors...

Hear the call in #theislandbreak

Discover how to love winter this year with Sophie Hellyer – founder of #RiseFierce retreats. This winter warrior doesn't retreat an inch in the cooler season. Often found in her element in cold water, Sophie’s mantra is simple - love winter by embracing it. To Sophie, winter is not a surrender into hibernation, it's an invitation to take on the elements and feel alive. To make every second of the shorter days count so the winter comforts feel all the cosier, because you know you've earned them.



There’s an invitation out there if you’re willing to take it.

Taking on the surf in the winter needs a little extra commitment but it's always worth the plunge. As the water temperature drops, so does the number of people in the line-up – rewarding those intrepid few willing to dive in.

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It always feels better when you’ve earned it.

There is nothing more satisfyingly snug than checking into a cosy space where you can take in views of the bay that you've just conquered... and that’s exactly what you’ll get if you check in to the Boathouse, at Les Ormes. Discover more about this self-catering accommodation and other places in Jersey that you can wake up to a sea view. 

Check in

Make the journey part of your experience.

Choosing slow travel options and being mindful of your impact on the environment can be the small start of a big difference. Travelling to the island by boat and using a bike to explore the island, Sophie consciously slowed down her pace to enjoy the island break.

Hit the saddle

Find your true balance.

We find our true balance with nature when all we take away are memories we've shared and all we leave behind are our footprints on the sand. Sophie felt energised by the crashing surf and calmed by the soulful stillness of Jersey's winter playground. When it was time to come in from the cold, she found warmth in the company of friendly locals who made her feel like the long winter nights were made for sharing together. 

Warm up

Take the plunge.

With vast outdoor wild spaces and over 30 bays around the island there are plenty of places to dip in for a swim. With benefits such as boosting the immune system, increased blood flow for circulation, burning calories and not forgetting that all natural high, head to Jersey shores during the winter months and get your cold-water fix.  For those looking to take the plunge in winter we have the following advice - Swim in a group, swimmers should be in good health and confident in the water, you should enter the water slowly, and swim with people who know the local area. 

Take the plunge

Ready to embrace the winter?

Then let us share some inspiration and tips to get you started.
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