World Tourism Day

27 September 2016


What does tourism do for Jersey?

In 2015, there were 718,000 visitors to Jersey. 347,000 stayed overnight, 107,000 were visiting family and friends, 118,000 were business visitors, 108,000 were leisure day trippers, plus there were almost 38,000 additional visits. 70% of visitors arrive from the UK.

On average staying visitors spend £491 and daytrip visitors spend £50. In total, visitors contributed £243 million to the economy and £12.2m generated is GST.

5,230 of all jobs in Jersey are created by tourism, that’s 11%. Jersey is served by 40 regional airports and a high speed ferry service to the UK and France. Without tourism, Jersey would have fewer flights, fewer boats & higher costs.

By supporting tourism, you’re helping 59 hotels, 36 guest houses, and 32 self-catering providers, 5 campsites, 2 hostels, 4 coach companies, 85 buses, 12 double decker buses, 311 taxis, 253 restaurants and 145 pubs. In turn, these tourist based industries use the services of builders, plumbers, electricians, advertising agencies, utilities and many more.

Together, we can deliver a vibrant sustainable tourism industry for the island. 


World Tourism Day - Jersey

World Tourism Day

Ever since its inception, World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27 September to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value. As the official day set aside in the United Nations Calendar the celebration seeks to highlight tourisms potential to contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), addressing some of the most pressing challenges society is faced with today.

Tourism for All

This year, World Tourism Day 2016 is focused on "Tourism for All - promoting universal accessibility”

Accessible Tourism for all is about the creation of environments that can cater for the needs of all of us, whether we are travelling or staying at home. May that be due to a disability, even temporary, families with small children, or the ageing population, at some point in our lives, sooner or later, we all benefit of universal accessibility in tourism.

Which is why, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) want to call upon the right for all of the world’s citizens to experience the incredible diversity of our planet and the beauty of the world we live in. On this year’s World Tourism Day help us spread the word of both the importance and immense 

Accessible Jersey

Jersey makes every effort to cater for disabled visitors, from accessible buses and taxis to accommodation specifically aimed at catering for disabled visitors at La Maison des Landes. Initiatives like Wetwheels,  a purpose-built power catamaran that allows disabled and disadvantaged people in Jersey to experience the sheer thrill of being at sea whilst being on a safe and reliable vessel. Beachability, a charity that hires wheelchairs specially designed for beach use, enable visitors to enjoy the island in all its beauty. Shopmobility scooters are available at St Helier’s Sand Street car park, and the island has a wide variety of disabled parking spaces and zones for Blue Badge holders. You can find out more about accessible Jersey here.

Request Jersey Guide for the Disabled

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