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Pas besoin de faire trop de route pour en faire un maximum à Jersey. Faisant 15 km sur 8, il est facile d’accéder aux quatre coins de l’île rapidement. Entre les sites historiques et la beauté naturelle du littoral, comment allez-vous passer le weekend? Balade requinquante sur la plage, un tour sur la côte en voiture, dégustation de délicieux produits du terroir, grand bol d’air iodé et même excursion en bateau avec des vues magnifiques… Croquez la vie insulaire à pleines dents!

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Due north to a selection of activities perfect for the family. Explore the Durrell Wildlife Park to get Acquainted with uncommon species in threat of extinction and walk with dinosaurs at Tamba Park.

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Between the medieval fortress of Mont Pride and Its torture chambers That will make you shudder, the nostalgic Gorey Harbour, the Imposing artificial Pier St Catherine and the timeless charm of Rozel, the single Spent one feels the island s animate trip on the east coast of Jersey.

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Opt for visiting museums or historic website're 16 New Street in St Helier, gold for an active session in the bay of St Aubin Where Many activities on land and at sea are available: rental bikes or or jet ski Rosalies-even a night on the banana boat ... everything is possible!

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If you want to raise your adrenaline, head west. Including Creepy Valley, center of Activities Such As tree climbing, giant zip ... or, for the younger ones, to Amaizin! Adventure Park icts with oversized slides and games to surf in gold the bay of St Ouen. All with the magical landscapes of the west coast of Jersey in the background.

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    I Love la Culture

    Looking good, we read all the History of Jersey in its landscape. How to decode it? Find menhirs - true witnesses of the Neolithic era, trace the footsteps of the Normans came to invade the island in the 12th century and climb the battlements of a fortress overlooking the sea Locate the Martello towers built to accommodate the Napoleonic armies. remote and put yourself in the place of Jersey who lived through the German occupation the Jersey War Tunnels. For a little more authenticity, you can even move in for retro for a tour of the island.

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    I Love la Gastronomie

    Another advantage of the size of the island, the local products can be enjoyed just harvested or caught! Jersey Royals are in the morning field and on your plate in the evening. Shellfish, crabs and lobsters are deposited in abundance by the tide around the coast where you can also feed wild edible seaweed. Take time to discover the authentic flavors of Jersey, from farm shops to Michelin starred establishments, there is something for everyone.

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    I Love le Bien-être

    Small in size, nevertheless Jersey offers large spaces to breathe. quiet stroll in the salty air on a quiet beach or hiking invigorating the customs paths lined with heath and wild flowers intoxicating scent, then return to civilization and discovery Samares Manor Gardens or the Orchid Foundation of Eric Young. To fully unwind, you may opt for a relaxing time in one of the many luxurious spa on the island, as Ayush Ayurvedic space at the Hotel de France. For ultimate relaxation therapy, choose a spa overlooking the sea.

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    I Love les Expériences Nouvelles

    Embrace fully the originality of Jersey for you to create unforgettable memories. The island seems to have more sky than other destinations, enjoy, for example, the near darkness of the north coast in the evening to watch the stars - or, synchronize your first tasting Liberation Ale with the sunset in St Ouen. Why not take a trip in the Zodiac to explore the reefs and islets paradise midway Normandy coast? It is not uncommon, moreover, to see dolphins and seals on the way.

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