Mont Orgueil Castle and Elizabeth Castle are iconic landmarks shaping Jersey’s dramatic coastlines. Uncover the character of these castles and bring history to life with these unique castle experiences and castle tours.

An abseil adventure

Experience Mont Orgueil Castle like never before.

Abseiling from Mont Orgueil Castle has to be the ultimate castle experience – a pure adrenaline rush. Take your courage in your hands, lean back and trust the rope (and your instructor!) and head for terra firma. The perfect introduction to adventure sports and a breathtaking way to take in the castle views.

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Cannon fire

Get put through your paces

A castle tour you won't soon forget.

At Elizabeth Castle, meet the 18th century Master Gunner on the Parade Ground. He’ll put you through your paces before marching off to the cockpit to fire the Black Powder cannon. Make sure enemies are kept at a distance!

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Time to play detective

Elizabeth Castle adventures for all ages.

Wander the network of staircases, towers and secret rooms to discover hidden treasures which uncover Jersey’s history. Not just for little ones, Jersey Heritage Detective Trails are just as fun for big kids too.

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Pick up a picnic

Dine in your own castle experience.

What better way to spend an afternoon than throwing out your picnic blanket and making your own memories feasting on foodie treats galore? Take time out to walk to Elizabeth Castle at low tide or climb the battlements and turrets of Mont Orgueil Castle. Build up an appetite for some local Jersey produce and find a quiet space to revitalise and recharge over a leisurely picnic. Why not pick up a feast of local goodies from the many ‘hedge veg’ stall waiting to be found in Jersey’s lanes?

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Castle ferry

King of your own castle

The coolest castle stay around.

Elizabeth Castle can be all yours (well nearly) with a stay in the apartment within the barracks. Cut off by the tide twice a day, with ferry transport to and from the castle, this historic Tudor castle location on the rocks is yours to explore.

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Capture a castle on your island break.

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