Jersey has one of the largest tidal ranges in the world – the third to be exact. At low tide the island nearly doubles in size and on the biggest tides of the year, the tidal range is up to an astonishing twelve metres. The tidal currents don’t only create an ever-changing backdrop as the island turns from turquoise bays to rocky ‘lunar’ landscapes at low tide, they also create low water habitats for rare sea creatures like ormers, related to abalone and prized as a delicacy in many cultures. Jersey is the most northerly place where ormers can be found.

Experiencing our amazing tides, beaches and coastal landscapes is not to be missed, but be careful – our fast tides can be dangerous so never explore at low tide without a guide or expert and always check the tide times before heading out.

Check the tides

How to experience the rise and fall of Jersey’s tide for yourself.

Beach cam.

Watch the tide live.

Take a peek at our webcam for a live look at the stunning St. Ouen’s Bay. Will the tide be low or high, wild or serene?

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Jersey weather.

What does the weatherman say?

See what the weather forecast is for the next week and make the most out of your island break.

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