Jersey is an island with an abundance of independent spirit. Part of the British Isles territorially, our island has its own unique laws, traditions and customs – and even our own goverement. As you’ll soon realise when you visit our shores, we like to do things with our own Jersey twist.

This also applies to the visionary movers, shakers and creators of the island who have gone their own way, creating an island full of independent joy to discover. Find local artists who have taken up residence in quirky harbourside studios, innovative shop-owners with a sustainable take on gifting, burgeoning bakeries serving up delectable twists on much-loved classics and pioneering restauranteurs who strive to serve up the real flavour of Jersey in every bite.

So, if you’re looking for independent shops, restaurants, cafes and craftspeople to check out during your next visit to Jersey, let this be your handy guide.


Woman serving a customer at a bakery

Treat yourself.

What greater pleasure is there in life than biting into a freshly baked pastry, a handcrafted cupcake or a velvety, melt-in-the mouth chocolate? Here in Jersey, there’s a sweetie-jar full of artisan bakers, chocolatiers and pâtissiers crafting a delectable collection of tasty treats for your eating enjoyment. The Central Market is home to a few of them including the Vienna Bakery and Flour. Elswhere in St. Helier, follow your sweet tooth to Chocadyllic, Cocoa49.2, GanacheFour Bakery and Bruno’s. For a full-blown chocolate experience, head to La Mare Estate in Jersey’s rural countryside and sign yourself up for their signature Chocolate Making Workshop and concoct your very own chocolate-y wonders to take home.

Eat and drink.

Food lovers rejoice! Jersey is jam-packed with over 300 restaurants and many of them are owned and run by passionate, independent restauranteurs who put their heart and soul into delivering delicious and memorable eating experiences for visitors and locals alike. New kid on the block Pêtchi is run by Great British Menu semi-finalist Joe Baker (formerly of No. 10 Restaurant and Bar, on Bond Street) and serves up dishes inspired by the seascapes of the Channel Islands with a nod towards the Basque Country.

Other independent foodie favourites in St. Helier include Sangria, Awabi, Crosstown, Casa Paco and The Pavillion. For beachside dining, The Moorings and Le Braye are all brilliant options. Enoteca in. St. Aubin, La Bouche in the Central Market, and Upstairs at Anley Street, on the outskirts of town, are all run by fabulous foodie couples. Find out here how the dynamic duos work together and (equally as impressive!) stay together.

Local Jersey produce.

From our delicious Jersey dairy to our velvety oysters, crisp apple cider to locally distilled liqueur. Here in Jersey, we’re lucky enough to have a host of independent heroes growing, rearing, catching, brewing and concoting the freshest, tastiest and most tantalising local Jersey produce. Meet the makers making waves in our craft beer and cider scene, sample the delicious Jersey gelato from Blanc Pignon Dairy Farm, spend a casual Sunday morning browsing the aisles at Rondel’s Farm shop or pop in to pick up some locally grown veg at Didier and Christine Helio’s hedge veg stall in St. Ouen.

Have you been inspired to start planning your own indie weekend to Jersey? Our Trip Planner can provide personalised recommendations based on the things you love.

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