Music hot-spots in Jersey.

There is a huge variety of venues in Jersey, all offering something a little different. In the island’s off-beat capital, you have the pick of the top-locales. Some offer a more gig-style experience, where you can rock out on the dance floor. Others offer ambient music to create a relaxing atmosphere while you sink into a good old chinwag.

Whether you’re relaxing by the waves in St. Ouen’s Bay, or exploring St. Helier, there are plenty of prime places and exciting events where you can absorb the local musical talent. Here’s our guide to finding the best vibes in Jersey.

Check out these local venues.

Jazz and blues 🎺

Slink into some of these silky-smooth venues, and take a step back to a time where dirty trumpets and grooving rhythm were king. Jazz and blues in Jersey is alive and kicking. There are some sensational spots in St. Helier where you can grab a drink, take a seat, and soak up some seriously good music.


With both indoor seating, and a rooftop balcony on Jersey’s main high street, Crosstown’s Gin & Jazz Bar offers an intimate stage for live musicians to serenade you whilst you enjoy a tipple from their wide selection of drinks and cocktails. Crosstown boasts a warm interior with fantastic local artwork by Stef Newington. There’s a great selection of entertainment, with live performances even available on a Sunday, while you tuck into a succulent roast dinner. Check out their Facebook page to see what’s on the agenda.

Discover the music scene

A jazz-band performing in Roberto

Roberto's Jazz Bar.

With the bragging rights of having the largest collection of gin on the island, as well as an extensive cocktail list, Roberto’s is the ideal place for a relaxing evening. Every Friday and Saturday night, they will sweep you away with sounds of jazz and Latin jazz. On Wednesdays and Sundays, you can chill to the soulful sound of modern blues. Roberto’s calendar of events can be found on the Savoy Hotel’s website.

Roberto’s events

The Blue Note Bar.

A beautiful Victorian bar with a great selection of drinks, from craft beers, to rare liquors, the Blue Note Bar offers a bit of something for everyone. The Blue Note is an intimate music venue offering a range of live music from the local scene, with jazz and blues most nights of the week. Check out their Facebook page to see what’s coming up.

Get into the groove

Rock and alternative 🤘

Looking for something with a bit more of a kick? Jersey’s rock scene is just as energetic as the waves that roll in every day. Whether you’re hanging with the surfers, or in the town centre moshing the night away, we’ve got you covered.

A band performing on stage in the Watersplash nightclub. There is a roaring crowd.

The Watersplash.

The spiritual home of surfing in Jersey, The Watersplash, is located in the stunning St. Ouen’s Bay facing out into the Atlantic surge. “The Splash” (as it’s lovingly referred to by locals) always has a wide array of events to catch a great tune, so why not rock up? The Splash frequently stages local rock and indie legends on the weekends. Grab some grub, secure your beer and ride the air-waves. Check out their Facebook page to see what’s on.

Head down to The Splash

A rock band performing in a night-bar in St. Helier.


Chambers is a modern bar that offers a fun, casual atmosphere with a range of events throughout the week including live sports, pub quizzes and more. Once the activities are done, Chamber’s has a rolling roster of local guitar heroes to delight your ears. If rock isn’t your style, Chambers also does a spot of genre hopping and puts on disco and soul nights, pumping DJ sets and the occasional cheeky drag-cabaret act, courtesy of Flair Entertainment. Check out their events calendar to plan your next visit.

Chamber’s buzzing music scene

Blue Note Bar.

Over the weekend, the Blue Note Bar changes its tone and becomes one of the most intimate venues in the island to enjoy a gig. It doesn’t limit itself to just one genre; putting forward a great programme of rock including, but not limited to, heavy metal, punk rock and indie rock. Check out their Facebook to discover the opportunities to listen to some killer local talent.

Tune in to the local talent



Disco and soul 🕺

Transport yourself back to the 80s with captivating soulful beats. Disco and soul in Jersey is a staple with many of the top bars working with local artists to get your funky feet on the dance floor. Take the opportunity to boogie to your favourite songs of the era (as well as a few cheeky originals!).

A soul band performing in the Drift, club in Jersey. The photo is in black and white, there is a singer and a man playing the saxophone in background.

The Drift.

The nightclub at the Royal Yacht Hotel is one of the go-to locations for a night on the town in St. Helier. Offering a range of entertainment, including a fantastic line-up of disco and soul bands that frequent the stage, the Drift is a great place to cut-loose. The Drift regularly organises 70s and 80s nights (with prizes for the best dressed 😏) so what are you waiting for!? Check out their Facebook page to stay up to date.

A night on the town

A picture of the front doors to the Marina Metro Hotel.

Marina Metro Hotel.

The Marina Metro Hotel is right on the promenade in Havre des Pas. With one of the most regular disco and soul programmes in Jersey, this scenic soul venue offers all gr👀vers and movers the opportunity to get a bit funky every Friday and Saturday night. Live bands will serenade you from 20:30 to 22:30, followed by a DJ set through to 01:00. To keep up to date with upcoming performances, check out their Facebook page.

Get grooving

DJ and dance 🎧

Looking for something a bit more electric? Jersey has a range of bars dotted around the island offering those summer, feel-good vibes you’re looking for. Whether it’s a chilled cold one with sounds from a local DJ, shaking a leg on the dance floor or taking a journey through time with some all-time classic tunes, there is a locale for every occasion.

A picture of a rustic, traditional English Country Pub with a granite floor beer garden.

L'Auberge du Nord

A classic, traditional English free-house where you might not expect to find dance-vibes. But looks can be ever-so deceiving, and every Friday L’Auberge puts on a show in collaboration with local DJ Seany, combining what Jersey does best – stunning countryside and some good old summer vibes. The “L’Auberge” has also been known to put on the occasional summer party for those of you who fancy it 😎 To check out what’s coming up, visit the L’Auberge’s website below..

What’s on at L’Auberge

A photo of the outside of the Halkett at night. There are some people hanging around outside.

The Halkett Pub & Dining.

Typically full to the brim on the weekends, each Friday and Saturday night the Halkett puts on a DJ set that takes you through some of the greatest hits of our time, as well as a fantastic mix from the past few decades. If you’re looking for somewhere to sink into some classic bops, the Halkett is your bar. If you’re in the area during the week, there’s also a charming open mic-night every other Tuesday.

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Honourable mentions.

We’ve already talked about these guys but if you’re happy to stay out a bit later and experience Jersey by night, The Watersplash, Chambers and The Drift are all amazing locations that can really add a bit of pizzazz to your evening. All three bars are local institutions, being the bars of choice for many Jersey folk on the weekends and it’s our recommendation that you discover the good vibes yourself.


Best of the rest.

There are a few other places that definitely deserve a recommendation on this page. They offer a range of relaxed vibes where you can enjoy a tipple and a chat while listening to the music.

People sat outside Kismet Kabana. There are people sat on round benches and a marquee in the background.

Kismet Cabana.

A fantastic little beach café offering a range of cuisine and located in the stunningly picturesque Ouaisné Bay, Kismet Cabana already has a lot of reasons for visiting. But, it gets even better. During the summer months they stage a few music performances at lunch time and around sunset every Friday and Saturday. What better way to enjoy yourself in the sunniest spot in the British Isles than by the seaside with some relaxing songs. To check the schedule for “Beats in the Bay”, check out their Facebook page.

Beats in the Bay

A photo of a table and two drinks. There is a rustic clock above.

La Bastille.

If you’re looking for something a bit more central, La Bastille is conveniently located just off Jersey’s main high street. They regularly put on an selection of DJs that create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing in their al-fresco, street side seating that’s aptly named, the “Wax-works”. La Bastille also has a delicious selection of frothy beers to enjoy while you listen. To check out La Bastille’s calendar, visit their Facebook page.

Relaxing al-fresco

The Lamplighter.

The Lamplighter is an iconic traditional Jersey pub. It’s a local-favourite with a friendly relaxed vibe and a great selection of classic lagers, real ales and ciders. There are also a few eye-catching whiskies if that’s the way you swing. The Lamplighter is a convenient two-minute stroll from the bus station, and offers a warm, inviting environment that puts on a good selection of local-artists. Nothing super high energy here, just a great place to listen to some chill-tunes and relax. Check our their Facebook page to see what’s coming up.

Chilled out tunes

Music events in Jersey.

If you find yourself in our little island, it makes sense to take advantage some of the musical events we’ve got going on. There’s a fantastic choice which could see you relaxing by St. Ouen’s Bay and getting wavy at a surf festival, listening to some smooth jazz in one of the island’s many beautiful parks or even going to a full-blown music festival with some fantastic big-name artists. Whatever your inclination, we’ve got a full list of events below, so get planning.

Check in with the local sounds of Jersey.

As you’ll have gathered by this point, there’s an impressive array of music venues to choose from – especially when you consider Jersey’s compact size. From countryside to coastline, and in our bustling market town, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect place to kick back and listen to some great tunes. To fill those venues, we’re lucky enough to boast a vibrant community of local, independent artists. From bands producing nostalgic tunes in the tongue of the island’s past, to innovative singer-songwriters creating soulful and vibrant energy in their music. We caught up with a few of the island’s top artists to find out how our slice of paradise has shaped their music.

A photo of the members of Von Cassidy in a professionally taken studio.

Meet Von Cassidy.

Forged in 2019, Von Cassidy in an indie-rock outfit with funky influences. Starting out by jamming together in a barn in Jersey’s stunning countryside, the boys (and later girls!) generate bouncy bops with off-beat subject matter. We chatted to lead vocalist, Josh Venton to get the inside scoop on all things Von Cassidy.

How did the band get started and what's your favourite genre?

The band got started in its current format really about three years ago. I had been working on what would become our first record and had just arrived back from Australia looking for a band. Jordan (bassist) and Chris (drummer) were the first members to agree to try some jamming at my uncle’s carpentry warehouse in the country. The rest of the crew followed later!

I would say we have an eclectic taste in music since Chris and I both share a love for hip-hop, funk and disco. Tom and Jordan are both into Indie, Charlie is into rock, and Jen and Han are into all sorts!

How has Jersey’s music scene influenced you?

I once wrote a song on the cliff face at Sorel Point looking out to the sea! It’s really beautiful and serene up there and can act as a great way to get the creativity in motion.


What does being an independent band mean to you?

Hmm… I think it means many different things. Perhaps it means the freedom to create authentically, then to represent yourself and your art without being shackled by alternative interest.

It may also represent struggle and the waiting game!

Von Cassidy preforming on the main stage of Weekender festival.

What's your favourite local venue to perform in?

It’s got to be those late night gigs at the Watersplash! Saying that, we’ve hosted a couple of private gigs at my Uncle Garyth’s workshop. Those are wonderful.

How would you describe the energy at your shows?


A picture of the members of Badlebecques sitting on a rock at the beach in Jersey.

Say bouônjour to Badlabecques.

Badlabeques is a the passion project of front man Kit Ashton and means “Chatterboxes.” Similar to the island they call home, the band is a melting pot of cultural influences and effortlessly combines nostalgic notes using Jersey’s own native, ancient language, Jèrriais, with modern folk-pop influences to create something quintessentially Jersey. Something a bit different, but also familiar. We reached out to Kit to find out what makes him sing.

A picture of Badlabecques playing on the North Coast with someone dressed as a puffin with them.

Has Jersey’s music scene influenced you?

Ah oui, gentiment! [Ah yes, a lot!] I grew up playing in local bands since I was 14 (and actually had a band with Badlabecques keyboard player Martin Coxshall back then). I’d say it’s not just the musical experiences, but the network of musicians as well as the freedom, encouragement, and having the opportunities to get out and play to an appreciative audience that have been so formative for me. I believe there are opportunities to enhance the support for local musicians, but I’m grateful for my journey and the community that is around.

What does "being an independent artist" mean to you?

Part of the reason that Jèrriais is such an important element of Jersey culture to maintain and celebrate is that it’s a truly unique aspect of what makes Jersey special. Ch’est eune partie dé not’ identité tchultuthelle [it’s part of our cultural identity]. It’s a real testament to the independent spirit of many islanders, particularly in the rural parishes, that they have kept it going in the face of a great deal of prejudice and oppression. So, as local artists and advocates for our heritage language, I think we do feel the responsibility to continue that collective independent spirit, and promote our language on our own terms – as something that anyone who loves Jersey can enjoy, no matter who you are, where you were born etc. We’re not the kind of band that a major record label would try and get in the UK charts, but that’s not the point – what we do really means something to our island community and that’s what counts.

What is your favourite local venue to perform in?

The Blue Note will always have a special place dans man tchoeu [in my heart] as somewhere I’ve played since my teens; likewise Jersey Arts Centre is always a pleasure to perform at, and although this isn’t strictly a ‘venue’, we always love doing a set in the Royal Square for the Corn Riots festival.

A picture of Badlabecques performing live on a stage.

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