Here in Jersey, we’re constantly looking to develop the ways that we can live sustainably and in harmony with our island environment. We’ve gone so far as to set an ambition to be a carbon neutral island by the year 2030, to help preserve the natural beauty of not only our natural landscapes and wildlife but the wider world we live in. Discover ways for the eco-conscious traveller to enjoy the island break whilst leaving their holiday footprint a little lighter.

The cliffpaths on the north coast of Jersey.

Jersey National Park.

Discover the beauty of the island with The Jersey National Park and explore a unique coastal environment.

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The sun sets over a crowd enjoying a outdoors concert

Events & Tours in the Jersey National Park

The Jersey National Park is home to a whole host of events and tours both on land and sea. Enjoy music, food, cinema, and history or take part in one of the many sporting challenges throughout the year.

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