Nestled amidst the tranquil Channel Islands, Jersey is an absolute gem, offering a haven for families seeking sun-kissed adventures along its pristine coastline. From the glistening shores to the azure depths of the sea, Jersey’s myriad of bays offer an fabulous canvas for unforgettable family beach holidays.

Hop on a brief flight or board a ferry and before you know it you’ll feel the soft sand beneath your feet and your dream family beach holiday can begin. The island offers a range of hotels catering for family beach holidays ensuring you’ll find the perfect place for you and your family. Just pack your beach essentials and head off to our idyllic haven for fun in the sun and surf. Time to make cherished moments and memories with your loved ones.

Discover Jersey’s favourite bays for family beach holidays.

With a trip to Jersey, you and your family will uncover not just a beach holiday, but a cornucopia of activities. Each bay is completely unique. From St. Brelade’s enchanting sands to Plémont’s rugged allure, Grève de Lecq’s adventure-packed shores to St. Ouen’s wild shoreline, Jersey’s bays are ideal for exploration and shared moments leaving you with cherished memories of your family beach holiday in Jersey.

A view of St. Brelade

St. Brelade's Bay.

During your family beach holiday in Jersey, the beautiful St. Brelade’s bay is a must. As you step onto the sun-kissed sands with the bay’s golden shoreline stretching ahead of you, it offers complete relaxation or the perfect place for family adventures! Sandcastle friendly sands, shallow waters ideal for paddling or swimming, and a wide range of water sports on offer, you’ll be not be short of things to do on your family beach holiday.

Explore St. Brelade’s Bay

A view of Plémont Bay Beach

Plémont Bay.

A short journey along the coast brings you to Plémont Bay. Here, the untamed beauty of the bay echoes the island’s spirit. When the tide is out children can become explorers with rock pools teeming with marine life or do some body boarding or surfing As the sun sets the family will have lots of stories to tell. Plémont Bay, where nature, beauty and drama create lasting memories.

Explore Plémont Bay

Greve de Lecq beach

Grève de Lecq Beach.

If you’re looking for a mix of relaxation and adventure, welcome to Grève de Lecq Beach. The pristine sands are ideal for picnics and sunbathing, while the sea shares tales of daring escapades. The shoreline calls upon young adventurers to explore its nooks and crannies, revealing a treasure trove of captivating seashells and intriguing rock formations. Grève de Lecq Beach is a firm favourite with families.

Explore Grève de Lecq Beach


St. Ouen's Bay.

Stretching magnificently along the western coast, St. Ouen’s Bay is a sweeping sandy bay. As you stroll its boundless shoreline with your family, each step etches a memory in time. Try your hand at a diverse range of watersports—kayaking, windsurfing, even blokarting—for an adrenaline boost to your family holiday. As the day winds down, gather with loved ones to witness a stunning sunset – a perfect end to a day at the seaside.

Explore St. Ouen’s Bay