Being near to the sea is a ritual for many of us, a tradition that begins with family holidays and long weekends with friends. Close your eyes, and you’ll probably be able to conjure up the sound of the waves and the feel of the sand under your feet at your favourite beach. That’s why when we reach the sea, with its fresh salty air, it feels so familiar. In Jersey, you’re never more than 10 minutes from the coast. Here are just some of the ways to boost your wellbeing in the island break.

WALK – feel refreshed.

Breathe in the crisp sea air and feel refreshed on Jersey’s north coast cliff paths. Often described as a walking rollercoaster, the trails will get your body moving and your soul singing. The ocean views are spectacular, and the paths are plentiful, so find a route and set out for a mood boosting meander.

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SWIM – feel renewed.

Healing from the outside, saltwater makes wounds disappear and scars fade. The sea’s cool tides heal us on the inside as well, a remedy for both body and soul. Jersey’s clear waters and gently sloping sandy and pebble beaches offer us an opportunity to be at one with the sea, soothing joints and relaxing muscles. Here are just a few sheltered bays to get you started on your sea swimming journey.

BEACHES – feel revived.

Jersey is brimming with bracing beach walks and places to feel revived no matter the season. For awe inspiring landscapes, venture to Plémont Bay on the north coast. For a vast, sublime expanse of beach, visit St. Ouen’s Bay that stretches the whole west coast or set out to explore Jersey’s lunar landscape that’s exposed at low tide from La Rocque Harbour. You’ll feel revived no matter which of Jersey beaches you find yourself on.

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TIDES – feel restored.

As humans we are undeniably connected to the tides as they roll back and forth in an infinite refreshing of the earth. In Jersey our tides are some of the largest and most powerful in the world. They refresh our coast twice a day bringing with them precious nutrients that feed the land. At low tide, a mysterious marine world is exposed for exploring. Head out with a local guide to get a flavour of our unique coastal landscape and feel restored.

ACTIVE – feel reawakened.

When was the last time you felt truly alive? Being by the coast and in the sea has the power to reawaken the mind, body and spirit. Jump in and join the action in Jersey’s natural playground. Experience little stretches and big zen with Kula Yoga to recharge your chakra on the sand. Brush away the cobwebs with blokarting, take a leap of faith with coasteering or reach for new heights and climb on our coast.

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FOOD – feel replenished.

Dining on the freshest seafood with views of the waters it came from is a treat that can only be enjoyed in the most special of places. In Jersey we pride ourselves on having some of the shortest food miles in the world for our local produce. Feel replenished by local produce that was caught or harvested in the morning and on your plate by the afternoon. Soak up the sun and sea views at Suma’s in Gorey Village, savour a crab sandwich at Colleen’s Café overlooking Greve de Lecq beach or tuck into a BBQ’d seafood while admiring St. Ouen’s Bay at Faulkner Fisheries. It’s food from the heart to feed the soul.

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