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Outdoor activities

Jersey Walk Adventures

Enter a world where the ocean disappears to the horizon and we are all visitors. Explore rock pools on a guided walk into Europe's largest rocky inter-tidal zone. Walks to Seymour Tower are also called “moonwalks”. Discover Jersey's wilderness with local guides who have explored this wonderful coast for many years.

Price: £9 - £88

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Though the landscape might look barren, it's teeming with marine life. It is an internationally recognized RAMSAR Wetlands site – a marine version of the Jersey National Park. Revel in the stillness and expanse of an area that is covered twice a day by some of the highest tides in the world. Here marine life must survive the extremes of water pressure and being marooned high and dry for hours out of the ocean. Only when the ocean disappears to the horizon can our walks begin. Grade: easy - moderate. Wellington boot hire available.

Opening Information

We are open all year round.

Monday: 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00
Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 17:00
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Jersey Walk Adventures
Meeting point confirmed with booking
St. Clement

Tours & activities available

Moonlight walks to seymour Tower

Moonlight Walk to Seymour Tower

Leave the lights of Jersey behind us and stroll beneath the rays of the moon. Enter this unique nighttime intertidal world accompanied by two experienced local guides to discover its history and marine life as we walk one mile offshore to Seymour Tower. A night time walk to Seymour Tower is a remarkable experience!

Booking needed

Apr 14 2022 Aug 09 2022

Seabed Walk to Icho Tower

Discover a marine world that is hidden beneath the ocean and only appears on the lowest tides of the year as we walk one mile from shore to Icho Tower. Venture into Jersey’s very own wilderness, which is covered by some of the highest tides in the world, on a marine exploration with a local trained guide. Also called “Moonwalks”, our walks are in the daytime, and the seabed is more than just a barren lunar-like landscape.

Booking needed

Feb 04 2022 Sep 12 2022

Seabed Walk to The End of Jersey

Walk into a world of fantastic colours as you head almost two miles across the seabed – beyond Seymour Tower to Karame Beacon and the Violet Bank. Discover the lunar-like terrain, which has given the walk its title "Moonwalk". On one of the lowest tides of the year, you'll reach the edge of Jersey's wilderness where only squawking seagulls, the sound of the ocean and stillness surround you.

Booking needed

Feb 03 2022 Mar 03 2022

Seymour Tower

Seabed Walk to Seymour Tower

Walk on the seabed and explore gullies and rock pools as you walk to Seymour Tower (one mile offshore) and discover Jersey’s very own wilderness with expert local guides. Walk in Europe's largest inter tidal rocky area during our 'Moonwalks' as you discover the lunar-like rock formations. Escape from the sounds and activities of everyday life as you explore a place that is neither sea nor land.

Booking needed

Nov 21 2021 Sep 25 2022

Seaweed Foraging – Wild Vegetables of The Ocean

Green, brown, delicate, bold and sometimes smelly, seaweeds often remain unnoticed. They are, however, an essential ingredient in sushi, miso soup, jellies, and sweets. Discover their value on a gentle coastal walk with an expert local resident.

Booking needed

Feb 18 2022 Sep 28 2022

The Oyster Trail

Join a local resident to walk among the oyster and mussel beds in the Royal Bay of Grouville, followed by the opportunity to sample fresh Jersey Oysters at The Seymour Pub and Restaurant. Hear about the modern cultivation of shellfish in Jersey - the biggest oyster beds in the British Isles - and the fascinating history of the oyster fishery, which in the 19th century was a major industry.

Booking needed

Dec 19 2021 Sep 09 2022

Sea Foraging & Oyster Trail

In the past, Jersey folk called it low water fishing. Today it's called foraging. Whatever the name, join us on a marine wild food foray as we stroll down to the largest oyster beds in the British Isles. We'll reveal what you can forage from the sea and share stories of the 19th-century oyster fishing, Jersey's gold rush.

Booking needed

Jan 30 2022 May 01 2022

Bioluminescence on The Beach

As night descends and the ocean recedes, star-like shapes of luminous green begin to twinkle and sparkle in a few unique spots at low tide. Experience the uniqueness of bioluminescent creatures and other marine life on this “moonwalk” across the seabed. Visit our site to book online.

Booking needed

Dec 27 2021 Sep 22 2022

Family Walk on the Seabed to Seymour Tower

A fun daytime 'moonwalk' on the seabed, as you ramble towards Seymour Tower (one mile offshore) with an expert local guide. You will wade through gullies and rock pools to observe tiny beasts and lots of amazing marine life. Don’t forget a bag as we always find pretty shells. You’ll be on a discovery tour in a seaweed jungle and marine mini-zoo – so expect to get your feet wet!

Booking needed

Dec 19 2021 Sep 11 2022

The Two Towers – A Low Tide Exploration

A rare opportunity to walk on the seabed between Icho and Seymour Towers on one of the lowest tides of the year. Explore Europe's largest rocky intertidal zones, accompanied by guides who have lived on this coast for many years. Weave your way between rocks, sandbanks and huge rock pools and perhaps, meet the locals fishing for lobster and shellfish. Book online via our website.

Booking needed

Mar 04 2022