Paint the town… The island break is a rich canvas for the many street artists who are proud to call it their home. The trail was produced by ArtHouse Jersey and tells a bigger story of island creativity….

Discover the trail.

Follow this self-guided stroll around St. Helier’s mural art trail to find colourful pieces splashed on urban corners.

Meet the artists.

Say hello and learn a little about the creative minds behind the works you’ll encounter on your artistic exploration around the streets of Jersey’s capital.


Bokra, aka Ben Robertson, is a Mural Artist creating custom artwork for businesses, homes and vehicles. Painting directly onto the wall or surface using spray paint, but also onto board or canvas using acrylic paint, experimenting with different mediums and art forms, whether representational or abstract, from digital art to street art.

Meet Bokra

Abi Overland.

Abi specialises in drawing aggressively detailed images of natural and organic matter creating surreal and other worldly landscapes to get lost in. Abi creates a range of intricately illustrated designs that are both contemporary and unique that still maintain a classic elegance.

Meet Abi

Will Bertram.

Will Bertram is a mixed media artist most known for his cartoon-like illustrations. Will worked on various projects such as creating live art for festivals, creative workshops and exhibitions, and most recently leading creative direction for  Jersey’s Go Wild Gorilla’s.

Meet Will

Keelie Spriggs.

Keelie Spriggs is an illustrator with a love for repetitive pattern, strong pen-line drawing and vibrant shapes. Inspired by her travels around the world, Keelie is a local artist who thrives creating innovative concepts, ideas and art work.

Meet Keelie

All pictures from Art House Images: ‘Holly Smith Photography’ and ‘Max Burnett Photography’

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