We know it can be difficult navigating the roads with your family in tow – that’s why we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite family-friendly cycle routes for you and your two (or four wheeled) tribe.

Tots on stabilizers – short and sweet distances, perfect if you have cyclists in tow that you need to walk (or run) beside.

Route two - Sandybrook along Beaumont Perquage.

A Perquage is an historic safe passage from the parish church to the sea and are perfect little pathways that lead safely from inland locations to the coast. This one starts at Sandybrook (in front of the PaperClix shop) and it’s from here that you can whizz straight onto St. Aubin’s promenade via a pedestrian crossing. Turn right on the promenade and you’ll be free-wheeling your way to the Gunsite Beach Café – open all year round with inside and outside seating, serving up a range of tasty treats, this is the promised land for all little ones in need of a final destination for their cycle challenge.

Route three - Gorey Pier to Grouville Common.

Park up at Gorey Harbour and make your way onto the pretty promenade cycling away from the castle – this is a very short promenade and perfect for little legs that need to burn off a bit of energy. Via a short roadside path, you can make it to Gorey Common, where you’ll find toilets and a playground for those that still haven’t yet run out of steam! On high days, holidays, and weekends you’ll also find an ice cream van here – it’s funny how an ice cream can be exactly what they need to give them the little incentive they need to cycle back to the harbour.

After something a little longer?

Depending how you choose to do the next routes, which can be broken down into shorter sections if required – these are perfect for slightly older children, that have their cycle legs but aren’t quite yet ready for the road.

Route four - Through St. Peter’s Valley.

Starting at Tesson Chapel and finishing at Le Dimerie, this 3km cycle and pedestrian path through St. Peter’s valley is the perfect way to coast through rural Jersey. The pathway comes complete with all the delights of the countryside, including opportunities to spot red squirrels, grazing sheep, a duck pond and streams perfect for a little pooh stick action! You’ll also come across Le Moulin de Quetivel owned by The National Trust for Jersey, home of the Climate Hub, the Red Squirrel Cam and is the only surviving working water mill in the island. The pathway really is the family cycle path of dreams with so much to explore!

An added extra along the way – Les Quennevais Cycle Track.

You’ll spot this little leisure hub as you cycle along the cycle track – it’s a 3km circuit, perfect spot for those a little wobbly on their wheels. It could work well for those of you that need somewhere for your younger family members to go while you take the older children for a burn, as it can be found midway along the cycle track.

For the family with road proficient children.

Route six - Family friendly cycle around St. Ouen’s. 

The National Trust for Jersey take care of a lot of the beautiful locations in the most north westerly parish of the island of St. Ouen – and they have crafted a very cycle friendly route perfect for you bigger bike family cruisers. You’ll come across Orchid fields, St. Ouen’s Pond and the Wetland Centre, which is cleverly designed to fit in with the surrounding areas and is the perfect place to spot local birding wildlife.

Download the route

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