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In Jersey, we’re proud to be known as a little island with a big spirit. To keep ‘spirits high’ this winter when we know not everyone can visit our shores, we’ve gathered together some ideas of how to enjoy Jersey from home, and some inspiration for when you are next able to visit. We hope to see you all again soon.   

Reconnect with nature...

...with Butterfly Yoga at home

Breathe deep and find your centre whether near or far by joining Ashley from Kalimukti yoga as she guides you through a 15-minute morning stretch. Brought to you from the magical Butterfly House at Jersey Zoo, enjoy it from the comfort of your own home and add both a visit to the Zoo and a class with Kalimukti to your island break wishlist.

Join in
Shake up a little taste of Jersey

With Tidal Rum and the Atlantic Hotel.

How about this for a new Christmas tipple? A golden aged rum infused with oak smoked pepper dulse (aka seaweed), foraged at low tide in Jersey. Shaken up in one of Jersey’s finest sundowner locations at The Atlantic Hotel, served over ice! We don’t know about you, but this got us seriously thirsty!

Quench your thirst
Be inspired to take the plunge.

Become a winter warrior!

Discover the magic of an island break in the winter with Sophie Hellyer. This winter warrior doesn't retreat an inch in the cooler season. Often found in her element in cold water, Sophie’s mantra is simple - love winter by embracing it.

Will you be putting a winter sea swim on your bucket list in 2021?

Dive in

Storm Watching spots

Remind yourself of the island’s wild side.

One of the great things about being an island is watching the coastline change throughout the seasons, and winter is no exception. We know not everyone can enjoy watching our stormy seas just now, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get in the know for when you can … …find out where to go to enjoy our islands dramatic winter beauty, where salty sea air comes as standard and you can breathe it in again!  

Rediscover Jersey’s heritage

From the comfort of your home. 

You don’t have to scratch too far beneath the surface to experience Jersey’s rich and multi layered history. This winter discover Jersey’s maritime history, take a closer look at the island’s spiritual heritage, and discover the numerous ancient sites waiting to be explored. Learn about tales from the spectacular Elizabeth Castle, and how Mont Orgueil Castle was built to defend Jersey from invaders and take a virtual tour of the exhibition at Jersey Museum. This really is your one stop click for Jersey's heritage!   


Discover the true story
Watch nature’s greatest show

In your living room.

The Jersey winter sunset - showing daily via Jersey’s beach cam! Think all the drama of winter seas, mixed with stormy skies, and wind-swept beaches, that’s what you’ll see if you click to view our live web cam feed which keeps an eye on St. Ouen’s Bay, until we can share it together again one day soon.  

Watch now

Who's hiding in our money?

Explore our one-pound notes to find out which Jersey beauties are hiding in the watermark.​ If you’ve been to Jersey before, you’ve probably got a collection of one-pound notes hiding at the bottom of your wallet or in the back of a drawer. Dig them out and get them ready for when you can use them to treat yourself to a Jersey Dairy ice cream with a view of La Corbière lighthouse. An experience to be savoured. 

Discover more

Rediscover the 80's

If you thought Bergerac was just classic cars, 80's styling and unsavoury criminals, you'd be wrong. It also showcases Jersey's stunning scenery and iconic landmarks, some of which haven't changed much in the last 40 years!​ Chill out and tune in to the Bergerac back catalogue, and dream of days to come when you can visit the island break again for yourself.

Butter, but not as you know it...

We're spreading the love with this local delicacy - Jersey Black Butter. Cooked up in vast quantities every autumn and enjoyed all year round. A firm favourite among locals, this delicious, traditional conconction is a hard working delight.​ Spread it on cheese, barbecued meats or straight onto buttered toast for a genuine Jersey taste sensation.  

Order online from Maison de Jersey. You can thank us later.

Treat yourself

Let the soundscape take you...

Jersey’s unique soundscape is revealed in this epic take on the iconic Bergerac soundtrack, remastered by young British artist and talented multi-instrumentalist Youngr. Let the mellow beats take you on a voyage of discovery to some of Jersey’s most peaceful spots…

Say 'hey' in Jèrriais

Dip your toes into Jersey's heritage and culture and discover the unique language of Jèrriais, still spoken by a number of locals and recognised as an official language of the Government of Jersey. We even have a Jersey folk band, The Badlabecques, who perform their songs in Jèrriais! ​

So when you can visit us again, greet us with 'Bouônjour' and we might just reply with a 'Bouônjour, comme est qu'tu'es, man vyi?' - 'Hello, how are you my friend?'

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