For some people, taking time off work only happens when there’s a race to run to. Where there are fitness goals to conquer, new heights to discover, and worlds to explore. Jersey is the ultimate destination for running. Jump on a 40 minute flight from London and be ready to hit the ground running – literally.

Whether you are looking for an epic backdrop for your next finish line – like the Jersey Marathon – or an active weekend to come up for air, here are five reasons why Jersey should be firmly on your bucket list as your next running destination.

1. We're small in size, but big in mileage.

We may be an island of just nine by five miles, but did you know that our island has 300 miles of road and trail to explore? From tiny, winding green lanes and run-friendly tracks, to epic stretches of coast road with breathtaking scenes, you’ll never have to tread the same ground twice – unless you want to that is!

Conquer the epic Jersey marathon, or if you’re just starting out, opt for the shorter Jersey half marathon, and explore the island’s spectacular scenery.

Experience the unexpected gems that put Jersey high on any trail runner’s bucket list: historic backdrops, warm, friendly locals and beachside food set against the Jersey National Park. With 48 miles of spectacular coastline, and more than 3,280 feet of climbs, Jersey is perfect for trail running.

Couple running through the woods

Choose your terrain.

Get off on the right foot.

Whether you prefer your runs smooth or bumpy, short, long or longer – you’ll find running routes in Jersey’s great outdoors that’ll hit the spot and get you hot under the collar. So grab your Garmin and a flapjack, don your running vest and get out there.

4. There are plenty of new sights to see.

If you’re fed up of seeing the same old sights on your runs, then come and refresh your views. Pass ancient castles and rugged ruins, wave to pretty Jersey cows and say a friendly ‘bonjour’ to our French neighbours on the Normanday coast – which is almost close enough to taste.

5. You can cool off with a refreshing dip!

You’ll no doubt work up a sweat when you’re out running in Jersey. Luckily, we have over 24 beautiful beaches and bays where you can dive in for a refreshing dip. Our waters are still surprisingly warm in the autumn, so you won’t need your wetsuit just yet either!

Super League Triathlon swimmers diving into the water


Take things to the next level.

Get ready to conquer somewhere different and put all that training to the test by taking part in one of the island’s pulse raising events. From ultras that might just break you, to swimruns that will make you (question your sanity), find the event that gets your adrenaline going. Feel the thrill and share in the comradery that can only be experienced at events like these, and do it all with Jersey’s epic backdrop cheering you on. Are you ready to take on the challenge and push your limits to the max? Discover what you’re made on this year in your island escape.

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