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Discover the iconic La Corbière lighthouse in Jersey. It’s not just the architecture of this striking white lighthouse that draws the eye. It’s also the location - towering over Jersey’s south western corner, flanked by rocks and reached by a causeway. Stormwatcher and sentinel, it stands through the island’s sunsets and weathers the Atlantic storms.  Here’s how to enjoy this iconic location to the full.


The best way to get to La Corbière? We’d suggest either on foot or on a bicycle with a picnic from St. Aubin. An inland trail begins at St. Aubin and follows the track of a long-disused granite railway, climbing through tree-lined valleys to reach its peak, and the first glimpse of St. Ouen’s Bay. Save the picnic to enjoy at the end of the road with dramatic views overlooking the lighthouse and the bay.


The lighthouse of La Corbière is set on a tidal island out at sea, surrounded by dark rocks. At low tide, you can walk the causeway out to the lighthouse, past rock pools and sandy beaches to discover a part of the island only revealed at low tide. Explore, but stay alert - an alarm warns visitors when the tide is returning and it’s time to leave the causeway.


The rocky pools close to the causeway at La Corbière are only uncovered at the lowest of tides. Take a moment to look into them and get a glimpse into this unique tidal environment which acts as a refuge for the smallest of sea creatures. You could see red anemones, prawns hiding in the seaweed, rare shells, tiny spider crabs - and even the rare small brittlestar starfish.  


It’s one of Jersey’s most visited sites, but you can still find your own view of this local landmark. Bring a picnic and find a space on one of the benches on the headland overlooking the lighthouse or spread out a blanket and stay to watch the tide racing over the causeway at this dramatic spot where land meets sea.


Frame the panorama of sea and sky with dinner, lunch or just a coffee at Corbière Phare. With its mesmerising views past the lighthouse and straight out to sea, this restaurant’s spectacular setting shouldn’t be missed. Watch the ever changing backdrop of the tide’s rise and fall, experience a storm rolling in from the Atlantic, or stay for the sunset’s vivid finale, it’s up to you.


It’s said that we never get tired of sunsets, and the southwestern headland of La Corbière is at its most magnificent silhouetted by the vibrant colours of a sunset sky. A magical spot for sundowners, La Corbière is an ideal place to end your day with a drink while you watch the sun sink into the sea.

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