From sandy beaches and tower sessions to blooming gardens, Jersey is the island break to unwind and rebalance your soul. Salute the sun with these seven unique Jersey yoga experiences.

Historic hideouts.

You don’t have to scratch far beneath the surface to discover Jersey’s colourful history. Take your yoga to another level with Kalamukti who run sessions in the summer months way up high on the castle green at Mont Orgueil. Or come up for air with Bunker Yoga as you flow through your moves on a WW2 bunker at Le Braye beach and other bunkers around the island.

Breath and rebalance.

Connecting with your breath is fundemental to the practice of yoga and there are plenty of experienced practionners in Jersey who champion the power of breath. Husband and wife duo Russ and Dana run Revitalice Wellbeing Retreats – one day workshops that include yoga, meditation, breathwork (Russ is trained by Wim Hof himself) and ice baths for the brave! Amanda Bond, AKA, Wild edgewalker is an Intuitive Nature & Forest Therapy Guide whose Forest Bathing sessions help people slow their whole selves down, allowing for deep relaxation and revitalisation. Becky Coley runs DRIFT Retreat from the heart of Jersey National Park. A combination of surfing, yoga, healthy eating and connecting with likeminded community gives attendees a chance to recconnect with nature and to themselves.

Float your yoga.

Why not float your yoga with Windmadness? Look towards the horizon and we promise you won’t fall in! Feel the gentle rock of the sea beneath your SUP and float your fitness. Alleviate the heaviness that life sometimes throws on your shoulders, test your balance and laugh a lot. Get a different perspective and look back to towards the shoreline. Whether a complete novice, or pro, we guarantee you’ll have a smile on your face!

Outdoor yoga pop-ups.

Practicing yoga outside, surrounded by nature, is one of the most grounding and liberating things to do. During the summer months the ‘Island Yoga Project’ brings together the island’s teachers to create a timetable of sessions in the island’s parks and on its beaches. Make the most of the light mornings, warm evenings and the long golden days and to get your shavasana on outdoors. With miles of sand washed twice daily, Jersey’s beaches make a stunning setting for yoga. Practice your yoga flow at the water’s edge, in Jersey’s mild temperature and gentle breeze, all while pointing towards the warmth of the sun. With so many beautiful beaches why pick just one? Come up for air at a beach yoga pop-up class and allow Jersey’s natural beauty to paint the outdoor studio space.

The studio escape.

Kalimukti Yoga Studio offers daily classes in a peaceful space exclusively for yoga and Pilates. Welcoming all levels of yogi to join classes with talented teachers and a wide range of different styles available. Relax, re-balance and take some time out come rain or shine in the heart of Jersey’s town centre, St. Helier. With 17 talented teachers to choose from and over 25 classes every week you’ll find something that fits perfectly into your short break or holiday to Jersey.

For lovers of hot yoga, look no further than the zen-inducing experience of Hotpod Yoga Jersey. Step into the dimly lit pod and lose yourself for an hour of challenging Vinyasa or a gentle, nurturing flow.

The luxury yogi experience.

Treat yourself to a luxury spa experience at Ayush Spa and nourish your body, mind and soul. Bathe in sunlight through a large glass façade looking out onto landscaped gardens. Enjoy a refreshing and revitalising ambiance to settle your mind into peace and tranquillity on your Jersey holiday. Practice in private or exclusive group yoga classes and move your body towards harmony and balance with ayurvedic therapies and luxurious spa treatments. Your time at Ayush Spa is a quiet, reflective experience.

Explore our island yogis and find your flow.

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