Jersey Beach Cam

Watch beautiful St. Ouen's Bay live


Discover St. Ouen's Bay, on the west coast of Jersey. With miles of sand washed by rolling Atlantic waves, the magnificent St. Ouen’s Bay is a natural playground for surfers and adrenaline seekers. It’s where one of the oldest surfing clubs in Europe has its home and makes a stunning setting for beach walks and activities. 



The sundowner

Summer in the city is fun. But it's missing some key elements. Fresh salty sea air, the feeling of sand beneath your feet and undisturbed sunsets to name but a few. Jersey sunsets are so beautiful, they need to be seen to be believed. We wanted to share our sunset with the people of London. Watch their reaction as they watch the sun slowly sink beneath the sea.

The WaterSplash

The golden hour

Don't miss the golden hour at St. Ouen's Bay. Take a seat, grab a beer and enjoy the view from The Watersplash Beach Bar & Diner. An iconic beach bar for more than 50 years, 'The Splash' as it is fondly known by the locals, is in the heart of St. Ouen's Bay and the home of surfing on the island.  



Discover the Splash

Picture yourself here?

See the island for yourself and experience Jersey in 360°

Why not join us for a sunset? From beach cafés to chic restaurants, there's a host of places out west to feed your appetite as you watch the sun disappear over the horizon. Or stay a while and rebalance your senses - revitalise within reach of St. Ouen's Bay at these restorative island locations.

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