Here in Jersey, we’re constantly looking to develop the ways that we can live sustainably and in harmony with our island environment. We’ve gone so far as to set an ambition to be a carbon neutral island by the year 2050. To help preserve the natural beauty of not only our natural landscapes and wildlife, but the wider world we live in. Here are the top ways that eco-conscious travellers can enjoy the island break whilst leaving their holiday footprint a little lighter.

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Stay sustainably.

If you’re looking to stay somewhere that really takes their environmental responsibility personally, the Seymour Group have been recognised with the Jersey Hospitality Association’s ‘Green Award’ due to their commitment to environmentally friendly practices including using local produce and resources.

For luxury with a conscience, Longueville Manor’s ‘New Leaf’ sustainability programme is dedicated to protecting the surrounding environment and developing sustainable practices such as their ‘Garbage Guzzler’ refuse solution.

Eat and drink responsibly.

What is a holiday without a little tipple or two? If you want to sample a local cocktail with a responsible rum or a guilt-free gin, be sure to take a trip to the Channel Island Liquor Company. Their local distillery located in a converted sail loft overlooking the old harbour, produces unique premium hand-crafted gin and rum, distilled in very small batches. They don’t use any plastic around the top of their bottles, and they invest part of their profits into beach cleaning initiatives.

If your bevvy of choice is something a bit more hoppy, then why not try our local Stinky Bay Brewery? A firm favourite with locals, they do their best to make sure nothing goes to waste. Once they are done with the grain it goes to the local dairy farm for our famed Jersey cows to enjoy and their hops get taken to be used as fertiliser to grow delicious veggies!

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If you’re staying in one of our unique self-catering locations during your stay, fuel up on some sustainable sustenance.

Get the scoop at The Sustainable Cooperative, who are committed to creating a more sustainable supply of food on the island and providing waste-free, packaging-free, organic produce.

Get a taste for something local. What’s more authentic than shopping at a farm where local produce was grown or reared? In Jersey, the field to fork journey is far shorter and you can even pick up a real taste of the island at local, farm­-run roadside stalls where you leave payment in an honesty box. Discover our farm stalls and explore the Hedge Veg interactive map.

Don’t fancy cooking? If you’re looking for somewhere to dine out that doesn’t ‘cost the earth’, The Watersplash is an accredited member of Plastic Free Jersey and has been proactive in establishing a public engagement program encouraging waste collection through their ‘2 minute beach clean’ programme.

For sustainably sourced seafood, local fisherman Toby at GreatCatch and Jade-S Fisheries supply some of the freshest lobsters, sea bass, crab and hand caught scallops from our local shores.

Jersey Pottery restaurants, including the Crab Shack, the Oyster Box and Banjo have made a conscious move to reduce their reliance on carbon fuels and as such have installed all electric induction hobs in their outlets.

The Pavilion is all about flavour, fun and making a positive impact. From serving up fresh, seasonal local delights and backing our bee buddies with the Jersey Honey Company, to swapping tea bags for loose leaf and reducing single-use plastics. They also support our local community, donating 25p from selected menu items to support the fantastic work of local charity Caring Cooks.

A refreshing exchange.

Our beaches are famously beautiful, but we all know the strain our oceans are under from plastics and other disposables. That’s why in Jersey you can exchange a filled bucket of plastic and rubbish, for a satisfying free hot drink as a reward for your efforts at a number of beach outlets. What tastes better than doing a good deed? You can sip on something rewarding at Rhona’s in the quaint village of Gorey or Kismet Cabana tucked away in the idyllic bay of Ouaisné.

A wild and tasty playground.

In just nine by five miles, our little island hides a world of untamed flavours. Jersey’s natural larder bursts with wild edibles that grace our coastal and forest landscapes.

Our expert Jersey foragers, Wild adventures and Wild Edgewalker, will be your culinary guides on a safari of flavours that will leave your friends positively green with food envy.

Just bring your appetite for adventure and a commitment to preserving our pristine landscapes.

Green activities and attractions.

The Jersey National Park aims to protect, conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage within its 2,145 designated hectares so that it can be appreciated and enjoyed by all who spend time in it, now and in the future.

A number of local activity providers have been celebrated by being awarded the Green Tourism Gold Standard for their eco and green tourism in Jersey. If you’re looking for a way to spend your day which is dedicated to helping protect our beautiful island surroundings with an interactive adventure into our natural environment, these are not to be missed…

Self-propelled power.

While exploring the island, why not keep tabs on the emissions that you avoid by logging onto the Evie app and hiring a dockless e-bike. With over 140 electric bikes available on a pay-as-you-go tariff, once you finish your rental you will be informed exactly how much CO2 you saved per journey!

If you really require four wheels over two, Evie also have electric cars and vans available, but be sure to register and book in advance.

Find the perfect bike to suit your needs with a fantastic range of other bike providers available and discover the island on two wheels.


Support the cause.

The conservation charity, Durrell headquartered at the world-renowned Jersey Zoo, is one of only three organisations in Jersey to achieve the Gold standard in the UK’s leading sustainable tourism certification scheme.

Jersey Zoo began as the first ever conservation-themed zoo. 60 years later, Gerald Durrell’s animal haven is the natural place to discover some of the world’s most incredible creatures. Whether you’re after fun, tranquillity, knowledge or a place to soak up the sunshine, this stunning 32-acre park with valleys, woodland and some of the world’s rarest animals is the perfect chance to experience ‘the jewel in Jersey’s crown’. Relax and stay a while or see the best bits in under two hours.

Smaller footprints.

Exploring Jersey’s waters comes with the added bonus of knowing that on island providers are as passionate about sharing Jersey’s great outdoors as they are about protecting it. Jersey Kayak and Walk Adventures are constantly working to reduce their carbon footprint. They have already reduced their footprint by almost 50% and encourage customers to use greener transport alternatives to reach the beach by offering a discount to those who arrive by bus, bicycle, or foot. Discover Jersey’s precious offshore reefs with Jersey Seafaris on an archipelago adventure. The best bit? Every litre of fuel used on their boats is offset towards Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust’s Rewild Carbon project which is investing in precious ecosystems and the many animals and communities that flourish there.

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Be our guest.

Drift is a unique wellbeing experience – an all-inclusive Long Weekend Retreat package, including surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, yoga and three delicious healthy meals a day, plus juices and raw snacks. Located within Jersey’s National Park in St. Ouen’s Bay, staying in the historic Kempt Tower renovated with all the mod-cons.

Drift are supremely passionate that it is our responsibility to help protect the land as well as the sea. Their eco-manifesto highlights that our ocean playground is a delicate ecosystem, home to millions of species, which we are all interconnected with through the cycles of life, water, food and breath. As surfers they appreciate that we have the privilege to enjoy this playground but remind us not to forget that we are guests in this unique habitat.

Children and parents building sandcastles on the beach.

Borrow a bucket.

Join the eco-friendly revolution at the beach with the Borrow a Bucket Box scheme.

With an aim to reduce plastic waste, the borrow a bucket box provides preloved beach toys for children to play with at 12 different locations around the island.

At the end of the beach day, the toys are returned to the boxes for another child to enjoy.


Travel with conscience.

Jersey may be an island but that doesn’t mean getting here has to cost the earth. Find out a little more about ways to travel to Jersey that help you tread a little more lightly.

An aeroplane coming into land at Jersey Airport

By air

Since 2019, for every single flight easyJet operate, they offset the carbon from the fuel used by investing in projects that include the planting of trees or protecting against deforestation and renewable energies.


By sea.

During 2019 Condor Ferries reduced the use of plastic across its fleet which saw one million single use items replaced by compostable and re-usable products.

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