Discover Jersey… an island shaped by the sea.

Nestled in the English Channel and with views of France, Jersey is an island waiting to be discovered. You’ll find Jersey some 85 miles (137 kms) from mainland Britain and just 14 miles (22 kms) from the coast of France. With its varied landscape and unique blend of British and French influences, Jersey really is a place where you can get away from it all.

Where is Jersey?

Travelling to Jersey from the UK

Fly to Jersey from numerous UK airports in around an hour, or hop aboard and travel by ferry from Poole or Portsmouth. An escape to the island of Jersey blends familiar English environments with a dash of European flair to create a unique experience of rich countryside and breathtaking coastal views, sweeping beaches and hidden-away bays. Start planning your island break here.

Getting Here

Wonderfully small.

Despite its compact size – just 9 miles by 5 miles (14.5 kms by 8 kms) – Jersey boasts a rich and varied landscape. Jersey has an area of 45.5 square miles (120 square kms) and a permanent population of over 100,000, so there’s a vibrant buzz for a pocket-sized island. As you approach Jersey by air, you’ll see lush valleys, rolling sand dunes, golden cows in green fields and a wild coastline, just waiting to be explored.

Getting around

Twelve parishes.

Jersey is divided into twelve administrative districts or parishes. All have access to the sea and are named after the saints to whom their ancient parish churches are dedicated – Grouville, St. Brelade, St. Clement, St. Helier, St. John, St. Lawrence, St. Martin, St. Mary, St. Ouen, St. Peter, St. Saviour and Trinity.

See every side of Jersey on a walking holiday.

Get exploring

We are not alone.

Did you know that Jersey is actually just one island within an archipelago? While Jersey is the largest of the islands, it certainly isn’t the only one. The English Channel is home to a whole collection of small islands and reefs that make up the Channel Islands. Some are inhabited and others are home only to seals, seabirds and other wildlife. Discover the islands that keep Jersey company here.

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