The Seasons in Jersey

Space to reconnect and revitalise


Jersey. An island of rediscovery where landscapes are just waiting to be explored. Whether it’s the view from the battlements of a 12th century castle, a beach walk along Jersey’s unspoilt coastline or taking time to reflect while you watch the sun sink into the sea over St Ouen’s Bay, Jersey is there to be discovered.


Getting your bearings

Jersey Map

Where to Stay

Experience the real character of Jersey and find a unique place to stay, from boutique hotels and beachside guesthouses to coastal campsites and intriguing heritage locations.

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See & Do

Live island life to the full and explore some must-see experiences and destinations from world-class conservation centres to living history locations - all in easy reach within Jersey's 45 square miles.

Eat & Drink

Get a taste of the real Jersey and its authentic local flavour with memorable eating experiences, from beachside restaurants to Michelin-starred fine dining.

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