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Rebecca Coley, Founder of Drift Retreats

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Islands are special places that draw you back, time and time again. Perhaps it’s the pull of the tide, perhaps it’s the sense of discovery that you feel on an island with all its hidden beaches and bays. For filmmaker and surfer Rebecca Coley, her home island of Jersey is a creative inspiration, but also a sanctuary - something she shares with others through her Drift Retreat weekends.  

I’ve always loved the sea. It takes me back to sailing with my dad, and that feeling of exploring that you get as a kid. There are so many hidden treasures waiting to be found. When you’re setting off on an adventure, you don’t know where you’re going or what lies ahead. I remember stopping in interesting places and unknown coastlines - we’d jump off the boat and swim.


I’m definitely drawn to islands. I love that sense of discovering the unexpected. There’s so much more than first meets the eye in Jersey. My favourite thing to do? Swimming in the sea - every day if I can. It always clears your head. If there’s anything on your mind or you’re worrying about something - a dip in the sea will sort it out. It’s like a total reset.


I was in London for seven years and I think I was a bit burnt out. I wanted to change things but I didn’t know how. What I really needed was to go away with a group of like-minded girls, go surfing, do some yoga, eat good food and totally relax. And that’s how the Drift retreats started. When I saw Kempt Tower, I thought of how magical it would be to have a retreat there - it’s a  sanctuary where you can totally relax, cut off from all the mod cons. You’ve got no choice but to switch off and go with whatever’s happening.


We approach it in a way that makes it easy for people to get in the sea, even if they haven’t surfed before. You see people relax. It does you so much good to take some time out for yourself. I always say to people, when you arrive at the airport, you’re only five minutes’ from the beach. Go for a swim, walk by the waves, just soak it all up. There’s nothing like getting in the sea to put everything into perspective.

  • Rebecca Coley surfing St Ouen's Bay
    Rebecca Coley surfing St Ouen's Bay
    Rebecca Coley surfing

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