After almost five years of occupation by German forces during World War II, Jersey was liberated by British troops on 09 May 1945, the day following VE Day, which saw an end to the hostilities in Europe. Liberation Day is celebrated in the island every year with jubilant events centred around Liberation Square where crowds gathered in 1945 to welcome British troops and watch them triumphantly unfurl the Union Jack from the balcony of the Pomme d’Or Hotel.

Discover more about the island’s Occupation and Liberation stories and join the Liberation Day celebrations on a truly historical island holiday.

What’s happening in Jersey for Liberation Day?

Traditional Liberation Day celebration

Every year on the 09 May, locals and visitors come together in the heart of St. Helier. The traditional celebrations usually start early in the morning with inspiring speeches and stories to commemorate the islands freedom. Throughout the day, you’ll be transported back in time, enjoying fantastic entertainment and music inspired by the 40’s. Then tuck into delicious food and drinks, with an impressive line-up of local food trucks to choose from.

Watch this space to find out more information about the 2023 Liberation Day event.

Take a peek at last year’s official Liberation Day programme 2022 to see how we paid tribute to 77 years of freedom in Jersey.

Party in the Royal Square


Lib in The Square 06 & 07 May

Get ready to liberate those dance moves at the Lib in The Square. To mark the 78th anniversary of the island’s freedom, a 2-night festival of well-established DJ’s will take to the stage, right in the middle of Jersey’s historic Royal Square.

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Three days of discovering Jersey’s wartime story.

However long you’re here for, discover more about the island’s Occupation and Liberation story. Visit sites and join tours that bring to life the true tales of hardship, courage and resilience of those living in Jersey at the time. Here are three days full of ways to delve into the island’s wartime story.

A bunker overlooking the north coast cliffs of Jersey

Jersey's Occupation sites.

The Occupation of Jersey during WW2 left lasting marks on Jersey’s landscape. Explore the places that tell the island’s wartime story and discover tales of courage, defiance, suffering and resistance.

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Take a tour to be remembered.

Let the experts guide you on your journey of discovering all the fascinating facts and places that are waiting to be explored on your historical Jersey holiday.

Liberation day parade

Jersey's Occupation Story.

The German Occupation of Jersey began one week after the British government had demilitarized the island fearing for the safety of civilians should there be any conflict. This is a story of how the island endured five years of life under occupation ending in joyous liberation on 09 May 1945.

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