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The wild beauty of Jersey’s rugged north coast is best seen at sunrise. It’s an experience that’s part of a normal day for Aaron Le Couteur, whose flock of Manx Loaghtan sheep are part of a National Trust countryside management initiative, The Reserve, to maintain the natural coastal habitats.

Sights like this don’t cost you anything. But their benefits can be priceless. Sorel Point, Mourier Valley, Devil’s Hole, Greve de Lecq - Jersey’s north coast is a unique landscape with very rare natural habitats. I never tire of seeing it at sunrise. It’s a magical experience where you can truly appreciate its wild beauty.

That’s why this project with the National Trust in Jersey appeals to me - using grazing sheep as a practical tool to manage habitats like Jersey’s north coast. These Manx Loaghtans are a rare breed that graze well in this environment, eating bramble, small trees and even gorse to help us maintain this landscape.

It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on such a magnificent part of the island. We’re caretakers of these landscapes, and when you’re rewarded with seeing environments like this restored to life and thriving for generations to come, it’s a very special feeling.

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