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The Village Delicatessen Owner

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The fishing village of St Aubin has its own unique charm and character from its historic cobbled streets to the restaurants and bars that line the harbourside. During your Jersey holiday, get a taste of village life as local delicatessen owner Sophie Huelin at La Belle Gourmande explains why St Aubin’s village is special for her.

The village has always been part of my life. I feel like I walk in my family’s path from the village streets down to Pebble Beach. My grandmother lived just across the road from the deli - she would have shopped here during the war when it was a general store, run by the O’Neill sisters. It feels like this is what it always should have been. There’s so much of me in this place.

I’d like to think that it doesn’t matter who you are - if you come to St Aubin and the deli during your Jersey holiday you will feel welcomed. It’s a place to watch people walking in Jersey and cycling in Jersey - a place to catch up with people you know - and inevitably we all know each other. For visitors, it’s a way to just be one of us and slip into our village life, even the dogs that visit are welcome in dog friendly Jersey.

With our local producers you really can get to know everyone from Dave and Matt who make Jersey Sea Salt to Annie and Shelley from La Crémière and their salted caramel. Their passion for food, their innovation and energy for the island - we’re sharing produce built on local values and hard work. That’s our provenance, we’re part of a community creating something together. Get a taste of village life at the heart of St Aubin.

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